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Dot Menstrual Cup Review | One for One

You’ve asked for a Dot menstrual cup review and Kim is delivering! Dot is a brand with a simple model and an even simpler selection — you can choose from one color and one size. Dot Cup also runs a “one for one” sales model as many other brands do, such as Ruby Cup, where for each cup they sell they’ll also donate one.

I’ve been reviewing the Dot Cup for about 2-3 cycles- the video embedded above gives you the full review- but if you’re not a video person here are the basics. The Dot Cup is quite similar in dimensions and overall feel and wear of the Diva Cup but it’s a tad shorter. For me, it being shorter than the Diva Cup is a good thing since the Diva with the stem trimmed is still too long. It’s also fairly comparable in firmness to the Diva, it’s technically rated a “2” on our firmness scale and the Diva Cup is a 3, however the rim is firmer than the body so it may wear more similarly to a 3 for that reason. The Dot Cup has a pretty average capacity at 28 ml and holds only slightly less than the Diva Cup size 2.

Dot Menstrual Cup versus Diva Cup Dot Menstrual Cup Review

Without sizes to choose from you are basing your decision to buy the Dot Cup on the one model and your color choices are black, black, or black. For some people the selling point is really the beautiful designer zippered cotton pouch it comes with. I admit I am pretty obsessed with that pouch. Or perhaps you’re a fan of their one-for-one model.

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Price wise it’s less than a Diva Cup and sells for in stores (though as of this posting it is more than the Diva’s current Amazon listed price). Dot is available on Amazon and costs around $30.

Wondering if the Dot Cup is the right cup for you? On of the best ways to find out is to research further using our Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart to spec out the sizes, capacity, and firmness. For those already using a cup you may prefer comparing the Dot Cup to other menstrual cups you have used or are choosing between by using our Compare and Shop Tool. As I mentioned in the video Dot Cup may be added to our popular menstrual cup quiz this year.


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