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DIY Cloth Pads For Your “Wherever” {Video}

Next time you need cloth pads for when you’re bleeding from “wherever” why not try your hand at making your own?  Our very own Amanda Hearn has created a simple, easy to follow pattern package that we have for download.

I filmed the video of the first pad I’ve ever made and of course, the first time I’ve used this pattern.  I definitely took my time while stitching to make the lines as straight as possible and make the curves just 1 curve and not 5.  I hope my sad little pad is a good indication of what YOU could make!  I used leftover flannel from my stash and a remnant of fleece from my local craft store.  EASY AND CHEAP!

I am a very, very novice sewer.  I own a machine and can count the things I’ve made on it on a single hand.  Sewing lines is as far as I go and so making the pads myself was a scary thought- CURVES!  Even just following a pattern made me nervous because the word pattern brings to mind pinning and complicated techniques I don’t know.


Want to see what these puppies look like?


I am SUPER impressed with the first few pads I made.  The best part is that you can use up the small scraps you may have from other projects.  If you don’t have scraps buying fabric for this project won’t cost a fortune either.  The only big expense will be snaps and pliers if you don’t already own a pair. For anyone on the fence about reusable menstrual cloth we have a great post on why and how to get started.padinundies

You can find the pattern for download here: PACII Pad Pattern Pack  (I’m digging the alliteration here)

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  1. This is so amazing! What an easy pattern to make a huge stash of pads! Thank you so much for his fantastic video and the patterns.

  2. Please, where did you find the fabric? I would LOVE to make a whole clown car collection of Republican presidential nominee menstrual pads.

  3. The thought of menstruating all over the disgusting mug of that disgusting person is *almost* enough to make me remove my Mirena…

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