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Menstrual Cup Cleaners

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How to clean your cup is a common first question. Can you use what you have on hand or should you use menstrual cup cleaners? Below we will go over all of the options to help you make a choice that works best for you!

What Can I Use to Clean My Menstrual Cup 

Soap & Water

Washing your cup does not have to be complicated. A gentle soap with water is perfectly fine for cleaning your cup. Keep in mind not to choose products with synthetic fragrances or added anti-bacterial agents. These are not vagina friendly and may also damage your cup over time.

I personally love liquid castile soap in a reusable foaming pump. When mixed with clean water (I like a 20/80 soap/water ratio) for a foaming pump the cost to refill goes way down because a little really goes a long way!

Intimate or “Feminine” Wash 

While not typically gender inclusive in name or branding, products labeled intimate/feminine wash are typically formulated to be safe to us on the vulva. This typically makes them a safe choice for cleaning your cup. As always, an unscented product is ideal.

Menstrual Cup Cleaners

If you’d prefer to play by the rules, there are a wide variety of cleansers specifically designed for your menstrual cup but here are just a few of the best options. You can also find a list of others on our Amazon List, including wipes for on-the-go!

Diva Menstrual Cup Period Wash

Diva Wash 

DivaCup DivaWash is designed to gently care for and protect your silicone cup, and is naturally pH balanced to be gentle for all skin types. No harsh chemicals and not tested on animals!

Purchase on Amazon.com

Saalt Menstrual Cup Period Wash

Saalt Cup Wash

Made in the USA, Saalt’s menstrual cup wash is specially formulated to clean silicone menstrual cups while and to b gentle for skin. It contains no harsh chemicals irritants, or parabens.

Purchase directly from Saalt or on Amazon.com

Lunette Menstrual Cup Period Wash

Lunette Cleaning Kit 

Lunette Feelbetter menstrual cup cleanser contains a gentle vegetable oil based cleansing agent as well as natural cleansing properties from essential lemon and eucalyptus oils (which also lend a subtle scent without the addition of fragrances!)

Purchase directly from Lunette or on Amazon.com

Organiwash Organicup Menstrual Cup Wash


OrganiWash from Organicup is a pH balanced intimate wash for you body and menstrual cup. It is perfume free, vegan, allergy-certified, and contains only organic and natural ingredients.

Purchase on Amazon.com

How to Clean Your Menstrual Cup 

To clean your period cup, use the cleanser of your choice, lather up your hands and cup and be sure to wash all parts of the cup. If your cup has air holes, be sure that they are not clogged (one tip is to fill your cup with water, cover with your palm, and squeeze the cup to force water through the holes). Rinse thoroughly and reinsert your cup or store in a breathable container if not in use. 

If you’d like information on washing and sanitizing your cup, check out our article, How to Clean a Menstrual Cup

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  1. Dr bronner’s has oils in it. All Of the sites I say suggest no oils or fragrances. That’s why I’m struggling so much, googling washes.

    Thanks for the other suggestions though!

  2. Can a fragrance free handmade soap be used to clean a cup? I make my own soap and it would be cheaper and easier to use that.

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