Menstrual Disc Comparison Chart

Menstrual Disc Comparison Chart Click the top of each column to sort by brand, measurement, or feature. Brand↕ Size↕ Rim↕ Diameter↕ Shape↕ Capacity (Listed)↕ Material↕ Reusable?↕ Misc↕ Coupon Cora OS 0.43″ 2.56″ Ergonomic 47 ml Silicone Yes Has Removal Tab ⛔ Flex OS 0.31″ 2.76″ Round 30 ml BPA Free Polymer No Makes Softdisc ⛔ […]

How to Find Your Cervix & Check Its Position for A Menstrual Cup

How to find your cervix to measure it for a menstrual cup is one of the questions that we get the most. It might seem odd at first, but locating and measuring your cervical height is an important part of using a menstrual cup. While most people will have an average cervical height, there are […]

Buying A Menstrual Cup In Store » With Intimina

You may find yourself in the aisle of a store, staring down shelves of menstrual products, with a pretty pink and white box staring back at you that says “menstrual cup”. Maybe the idea is new to you or maybe you ran out to buy one because you’ve heard about it and the time to […]

Wir finden deine perfekte Menstruationstasse mit Hilfe von 9 Fragen!

English | En espanol | Nederlands | Français | Deutsche | Indonesian | 简体中文 | 繁體中文 | 한국어 | Português | Português Brasil | Italian | Türk | ไทย Bisher war es schwierig, die täglich aufkommende Frage “Welche Menstruationstasse ist die richtige für mich?” zu beantworten. Mithilfe unseres umfangreichen Wissens über Menstruationstassen und der berühmt-berüchtigten […]

Pooping With A Menstrual Cup

Pooping While Wearing A Menstrual Cup

When we are asked about pooping with a menstrual cup, it typically revolves around the fear of the cup falling out or, more accurately, the cup being pushed out. While there are things you can do to help (which we will get to in a moment), your anatomy and cup shape may play a role. […]

Will Menstrual Cups Work If Tampons Don’t? | Yes!

We get asked often “If I can’t use a tampon can I still use a menstrual cup?” Almost always the answer is yes! The reason you can’t use a tampon usually varies but the most common complaint is simply that they “hurt.” Not everyone can pinpoint just what is causing that pain but within our […]

Choosing a Menstrual Cup Size | How To Pick The Right Size

With so many choices out there and the conflicting sizing guidelines from each brand it’s confusing to pick a menstrual cup size. But what are the sizes and which size menstrual cup will fit you best?   Menstrual Cup Sizes Most often menstrual cups come in two sizes but some brands offer three. A small […]

Black Menstrual Cups

Black menstrual cups (and rainbow) are the topic of most of the “Oooh, what is that cup?!” questions we receive. Just one brand offers a rainbow cup, but black comes in a large variety of brands — which means that you are far more likely to find a black cup in a brand that will […]

Private Label Menstrual Cups

Private Label Menstrual Cups You may notice a new section at the very bottom of our menstrual cup comparison chart that now lists cup dupes, or private label menstrual cups. These are primarily cups that are from the same manufacturer but sold to and distributed by different companies. There are more instances of this than […]

How to Remove a Menstrual Cup

If you’ve come this far we’re going to assume you’ve managed to figure out How to Insert Your Menstrual Cup. If not, click that link to check out part one of this video for a basic how-to and a few tips. Once you’ve finished that, it’s time to figure out how to remove a menstrual […]