Put A Cup In It

An “Inside” Look at Menstrual Cups


The biggest mystery of using a menstrual cup is usually what happens once it’s inside and out of view.

  • Where does the cup go?
  • How does it sit in relation to that cervix thing I’ve heard about?
  • Why is it that the cup sometimes moves when I go to the bathroom?
  • Why can I feel pressure on my bladder when my cup is in?
  • Can it get lost?


At Put a Cup In It we don’t like mysteries and we want everyone to better understand how things work. In my own personal experience, I was better able to understand using my cup once I saw the inside view of the cup in relation to everything else in the pelvic region.

Some people may not love this video because it’s a bit too graphic, but as a visual learner this is the perfect video.  Before you watch the video be warned that a realistic, but clear, vulva is used for the insertion demonstration.  A plastic pelvis model showing the rectum, bladder, and uterus is also used.

After watching the video if you need guidance on which cup will work best for you we recommend taking our menstrual cup quiz that will assess your needs based on 9 simple, but important questions.

The cup featured in the video is the Lily Cup, but there is a wide range of cups available (both in style and size). You can consult our menstrual cup chart if you already have a bit of cup knowledge and simply need to pick the best based on your body and flow.

And as always, if you still  have questions please feel free to contact us directly.


33 Responses

  1. Hi there, I’ve been trying to properly use cups since March but it just doesn’t seem to work. I changed about 5 cups, they all completely open but still leak and I still need to use pads. Blood goes in the cup so it’s definitely open, but also leaks out. What should I do? I’m on the edge to give up :/

  2. Hi!
    This video was helpful, but I still wonder why my cup is always like turning/twisting?! I’ve been told by doctors that I have inverted cervix; could it be the reason? I tried so many cups and no one was great. They all leaked, they all “turned”. Help!

  3. Hello,

    I’m the trustee of a charity operating in Nepal. Loved the video, we’ve been using it in our menstrual health program and menstrual cup orientations. However, we’re desperately trying to source the model you use in your video and we simply cannot find the original supplier. Its transparency is perfect for educating about both sexual health and menstrual cup insertion.

    Please, if you can help, it would be of so much use. Especially for women with visual and/or physical impairments.



  4. Hi!! I have a didelphys uterus, meaning I have 2 uterus, two cervix, and 2 internal vaginas, they are completely separate and on their own with a wall like between them all the way down. I have always had trouble with pads and tampons and always had to use both the entire time. I’ve recently started usiing the diva cup because tampons are uncomfortable for me and I hate them and thinking I could use this if it sits below where they separate. I have had children though only carried never by child birth. I am using the divacup size 2 I think but the rim is very painful when inserting, and honestly uncomfortable the entire time though never as much as a tampon, and I never feel as though it pops out when I insert even after attempting to rotate it. It also moves up pretty high after a little bit so I have to horrifyingly dig to get it out which resulted in being even more sore. Are there other options for me with the didelphys uterus or am I forever chained to the tampon/pad combo?
    I have heard of those with what I have using a small even though they have carried children.
    I’m still have problems with leaking even though it isn’t full, could that be because it isn’t popping out completely or my double cervix?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated
    Thank you

  5. Hi there ! this is a very informative video, thank you ! I would like to ask : were is the clear anatomical display from ?!? This would be so helpful for me (I am midwife, and so many women ask me how to insert a cup!)

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