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Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart

Menstrual Cup Comparison ChartMenstrual Cup Comparison Chart

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Brand Size Length Diameter Capacity Stem Sizing / Misc Features
Diva Cup 1 2.25″ 1.69″ 30 ml .38″ Hollow Round <30
Diva Cup 2 2.25″ 1.81″ 30 ml .38″ Hollow Round >30 or After Childbirth
EvaCup 1 / Small 1.97″ 1.65″ 25 ml .47″ Solid Round Before Childbirth
EvaCup 2 / Large 2.24″ 1.77″ 30 ml .47″ Solid Round After Childbirth
Femmecup One Size 1.97″ 1.77″ 30 ml .59″ Solid Round (18ml Capacity to Holes)
FemmyCycle Petite 1.50″ 1.22″ 17.5 ml .75″ Ring Before Childbirth
FemmyCycle Regular 1.69″ 1.42″ 30 ml .79″ Ring After Childbirth
FemmyCycle Low Cervix 1.69″ 1.42″ 30 ml .28″ Ring Low Cervix
Fun Cup A 2.10″ 1.56″ 20 ml None <30
Fun Cup B 2.29″ 1.7″ 30 ml None >30 or After Childbirth
Fleurcup Small 1.85″ 1.61″ 20 ml .91″ Solid Flat Before Childbirth (light flow)
Fleurcup Large 2.05″ 1.81″ 28.5 ml .71″ Solid Flat After Childbirth (heavier flow)
JuJu Cup 1 1.81″ 1.57″ 20 ml .75″ Solid Thin Before Childbirth
JuJu Cup 2 1.97″ 1.81″ 30 ml .75″ Solid Thin After Childbirth
Keeper A 2.13″ 1.81″ 21 ml 1″ Aft Childbirth / Rubber / FIRM
Keeper B 2.05″ 1.73″ 25 ml 1″ B4 Childbirth / Rubber / FIRM
Keeper Moon Cup A 2.13″ 1.81″ 21 ml 1″ After Childbirth
Keeper Moon Cup B 2.05″ 1.73″ 25 ml 1″ Before Childbirth
LadyCup Small 1.81″ 1.57″ 21 ml .75″ Hollow Round <25
LadyCup Large 2.09″ 1.81″ 34 ml .51″ Hollow Round >25 or After Childbirth
LaliCup Small 1.81″ 1.59″ 27 ml 1″
LaliCup Medium 2.00″ 1.74″ 36 ml .87″
LaliCup Large 2.13″ 1.83″ 41 ml .75″
LENA Small 1.81″ 1.57″ 25 ml Solid Flat B4 Childbirth (lt-med flow) SOFT opt avail
LENA Large 2.00″ 1.77″ 30 ml Solid Flat Aft Childbirth (med-hvy flow) SOFT opt avail
Lily Cup A 3.07″ 1.57″ 25 ml Length includes stem <30
Lily Cup B 3.07″ 1.70″ 28 ml Length includes stem >30 or After Childbirth
Lily Cup Compact A 2.28″ 1.65″ 20 ml Length includes stem <30 / SOFT
Lily Cup Compact B 2.28″ 1.77″ 25 ml Length includes stem >30 or After Childbirth / SOFT
Lunette 1 1.90″ 1.60″ 25 ml 1″ Solid Flat Younger or Light Flow
Lunette 2 2.00″ 1.80″ 30 ml .8″ Solid Flat Normal-Heavy Flow
MCUK (Mooncup UK) A 1.97″ 1.81″ 30 ml .83″ Hollow Round >30 or After Childbirth
MCUK (Mooncup UK) B 1.97″ 1.69″ 30 ml .83″ Hollow Round <30
MeLuna S 1.77″ 1.50″ 15 ml .47″ Stem, .31″ Ball, or .39″ Ring Classic, Soft or Sport firmness TPE
MeLuna M 1.89″ 1.61″ 20 ml .51″ Stem, .35″ Ball, or .47″ Ring Classic, Soft or Sport firmness / TPE
MeLuna L 2.00″ 1.73″ 24 ml .59″ Stem, .43″ Ball, or .59″ Ring Classic, Soft or Sport firmness / TPE
MeLuna XL 2.20″ 1.85″ 30 ml .59″ Stem, .35″ Ball, or .51″ Ring Classic, Soft or Sport firmness / TPE
MeLuna Shorty S 1.38″ 1.50″ 8 ml .47″ Stem, .28″ Ball, or .39″ Ring Classic, Soft or Sport firmness / TPE
MeLuna Shorty M 1.50″ 1.61″ 10 ml .51″ Stem, .28″ Ball, or .39″ Ring Classic, Soft or Sport firmness / TPE
MeLuna Shorty L 1.61″ 1.73″ 14 ml .55″ Stem, .28″ Ball, or .43″ Ring Classic, Soft or Sport firmness / TPE
MeLuna Shorty XL 1.73″ 1.85″ 16 ml .59″ Stem, .31″ Ball, or .43″ Ring Classic, Soft or Sport firmness / TPE
Merula One Size 1.54″ 1.81″ 38 ml 2.83″ Ladder (2.4″ or 1.9″ trimmed) 1.57″ Rim (body is wider)
OrganiCup A 1.85″ 1.50″ 23 ml .67″ Stem <30
OrganiCup B 1.93″ 1.73″ 30 ml .71″ Stem >30 or After Childbirth
Ruby Cup S 1.81″ 1.57″ 24 ml .67″ Stem Light Periods, Buy 1 Give 1
Ruby Cup M 2.00″ 1.77″ 34 ml .75″ Stem Heavy Periods, Buy 1 Give 1
Sckoon Cup 1 1.77″ 1.57″ 23 ml 1″ Thin Soft Taper Before Childbirth / SOFT
Sckoon Cup 2 1.97″ 1.77″ 30 ml .81″ Thin Soft Taper After Childbirth / SOFT
Shecup One Size 2.13″ 1.73″ 28 ml .22″ Knob
Si-Bell S 1.85″ 1.61″ 20 ml 1.06″ Solid Thin Notched
Si-Bell L 2.05″ 1.81″ 30 ml .87″ Solid Thin Notched >30 / After Childbirth
Super Jennie S 1.87″ 1.69″ 32 ml .59″ Stem <30 / SOFT
Super Jennie L 2.05″ 1.85″ 41.61 ml .63″ Stem >30 or After Childbirth / SOFT
XO Flo One Size 2.16″ 1.77″ 38 ml 1.22″ Ball Taper Internal rim
Yuuki 1 1.93″ 1.61″ 25 ml .71″ Hollow Round Before Childbirth / SOFT opt avail
Yuuki 2 2.20″ 1.81″ 37 ml .71″ Hollow Round >28 or After Childbirth / SOFT opt avail

Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart at Put A Cup In ItUnless otherwise noted, all cups are made from medical grade silicone. Rubber cups are quite firm and TPE ((thermoplastic elastomer)) cups are safe for those with silicone allergies. Capacity is to holes when known. Please note that inclusion in this chart does not equal an endorsement.

Menstrual Cup Comparison Guide & Visual Tool
Menstrual Cup Comparison Guide & Visual Tool

Source: The Eco-Friendly Family.

Looking for a brand not featured here?  Let us know!

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61 thoughts on “Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart

  • Victoria dudley

    This is so helpful!!

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  • Tabitha

    Anyone have experience using a menstrual cup with mirena.i used one before mirena but when i got it the obgyn discouraged me frome using it any more.

    • Vaginista Amanda

      Many women use a cup with an IUD and from what I’ve heard (I don’t personally have an IUD) obgyns who are familiar with cups tend to say that it’s just fine — just be conscious of your strings and release the suction before pulling the cup down/out.

    • Darcy

      I have been using mine for over a year (4 years for the cup, 1 yr with Mirena) my nurse practitoner but she also said there was no real research about it and she just did not know. I personally use the lunette which is very thick and hard so that makes ti almost impossible to ever be confused with my mirena strings. The one thing is that due to me having a mirena my flow has gone down so much I really do not really need such a big cup but my experience has been great. Obviously the only thing would be to NOT use it on the 7 days after insertion, just like you cannot swim or use tampons.

  • Tami

    I struggle with my cup (Lunette 2) sliding down throughout the day. Should I try a cup with a larger diameter or shorter length? Thanks!

  • Katherine

    Clarifying question: do the lengths listed here include the stem or are they the length of the cup and the stem length should be added on to get full length top-to-bottom? Thank you.

  • Norma

    I noticed the Luv ur body cup is not on your list. That is my Goldilocks cup for a heavy bleeder with a high cevix.

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  • Sasha

    I currently have the blossom cup and I was hoping to compare it to others that might work better, but I didn’t find it on here.

  • Heather

    I’ve never used a cup before, but I’m interested in trying, at least. I’m 40 years old, I have a relatively small vaginal canal, and a slightly tilted uterus. I have no idea where to begin. I think I’m interested in trying the diva cup, but I don’t know what size. Any suggestions?
    Thank you,

    • K

      I’m not sure if you bought a cup yet or not. I bought the Lena cup small. It works fine for me (so far…This is my first cycle using any cup). I’m 41 yrs, with what I guess is a low cervix (my cup doesn’t go anywhere once it’s in). I’ve had a child 15 years ago. And my flow is normal. I also have light incontinence (light accidents when I sneeze or cough), so I bought the sensitive cup. The sensitive cup takes a little work to open because it’s not very firm. I use the fold in half fold because I find it easier to open and create a good seal. I’ve only been using it for two days, but I haven’t had any leaks as of yet. Sorry if this is TMI, but I just wanted to help you out…or anyone else who might be deciding on getting a cup.

    • Lilly

      The diva cup is one of the longest cups available! I’d try a lunette, organicup, or a ruby medium!

  • Jen

    You’re missing the Easy cup by Easy Peasies

  • Tj

    I had heard that intimina had just recently slightly shortened their large lily cup. Anyone know if this is true?

    • Amanda Hearn

      If they have, they haven’t updated the measurements on their website. We’ll certainly update it we learn that it has been changed.

      • versicherung kfz vergleichsrechner

        Sound is a natural phenomenon which can be explained in mathematical terms. Sound “dead” areas can and do occur so people who say they don’t hear turbine noise/not affected are likely telling the truth as they are in a “dead” sound area. All just part of the sound phenomenon picture.


        Ik ga hem vanavond maken! Heb er echt heel veel zin in. Ik kon in de supermarkt kiezen tussen rode en groene linzen. Heb rood gekozen, hoop dat dat goed is!

  • Heather


    Is there a comparison of firmness between different brands? I bought the Eva cup and have been trying every troubleshooting technique I can find online and it still won’t pop open. Since it’s squished partially, its only catching about half, very annoying. Maybe I need the smaller size or a different cup??

  • Rosebriars

    Are the height measurements with or without the stem/ball? I’m having a difficult time getting a cup to work because of a low cervix with scarring from vaginal tears and would like to know the size of the actual cup part.

  • Brookiecookie

    Which cup would you recommend for a heavy bleeder that has given birth twice?

  • Chastity

    I have a tilted cervix and the first two days are very heavy and then after that barely anything and I have a lot of clots, which one should I use I have had two natural births and a C section and I have never ever been able to wear a tampon, which cup should I get or try.

    • Adèle

      I don’t know if you have already bought your cup, but I am in the same boat as you minus the whole giving birth thing. I use the small ruby cup, you may want to try the larger model.

  • Ritika

    Could you also add Rustic Art Menstrual Cup for the comparison ?

  • Anna

    I am a cup convert!! It has literally changed everything! I am so happy that menstrual cups are becoming popular now. I tell all my friends. I’ve tried diva but recently switched to calla, it has the best level of rigidity for me, feels really secure. Let’s all save the environment together girls! Long live the cup!! <3

  • Jennifer

    I have never used a cup and I have relied on birth control pills to control flow and horrible mestrual difficulties since age 15 (I am now 46). The only exception was to become pregnant one time but as soon as my son was born (9 years ago), I went back on the pill. I did try to go off it about 20 mons ago (for 3-4 cycles) but the flow was heavy, the periods erratic, and the cramps so terrible I returned to the pill. I am now interested in going off the pill permanently and want to try a cup. But… I am terrified! I rarely have inserted tampons (due to the pill and a very light flow) so have little experience with the ‘feel’ of my insides, if you will. Lunette and Lena cups were recommended. I am in need of advice, suggestions, tips, down right encouragement to begin this change. Thank you in advance ladies! Peace.

    • K

      I’m not sure if you bought a cup yet or not. I bought the Lena cup small. It works fine for me (so far…This is my first cycle using any cup). I’m 41 yrs, with what I guess is a low cervix (my cup doesn’t go anywhere once it’s in). I’ve had a child 15 years ago. And my flow is normal. I also have light incontinence (light accidents when I sneeze or cough), so I bought the sensitive cup. The sensitive cup takes a little work to open because it’s not very firm. I use the fold in half fold because I find it easier to open and create a good seal. I’ve only been using it for two days, but I haven’t had any leaks as of yet. Sorry if this is TMI, but I just wanted to help you out…or anyone else who might be deciding on getting a cup.

    • Erica

      This may be way late for you at this point, but its never too late to take control of your health! Menstrual cups have greatly helped reduce my cramping, but even more helpful has been to track my entire cycle and really understand what is happening in your body. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend reading “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” by Toni Weschler or checking out The Period Girl at It’s fascinating to learn about your body and be able to recognize and learn ways to help yourself out. Good Luck!

  • Sha

    Which one would you consider the most similar to a diva cup size 1 inside out?

  • Heather Guymon

    I have been using the FemmyCycle cup and love it! I think you should check it out. It’s different from the others I’ve tried and doesn’t put pressure on my bladder. I use the lower cervix one, even though I am not entirely sure my cervix is low, and it’s super comfortable for me.

    • Dodi

      It’s nice to hear this as I currently have a diva but about 1 or 2 days every few months there is a time my cervix drops more than usual and I need a lower cervix cup. I’ve been wanting to try this one, thinking on a twin pack since I have a close friend with a very low cervix who wants to try out a cup. This just makes it better for the budget.

  • Katie

    You can’t view the cups side by side anymore.:-(

    • Amanda Hearn

      All fixed, thanks for the heads-up!

  • gigi

    can you add merula cup? 🙂

  • Riversong

    So I purchased a “soft silicone menstrual cup” 2 pack sold by diggold on amazon(not shown on pictures as any brand on this list- the stems have little hearts on them. The first time I used one, it was awesome. I inserted during my shower, it fit perfect, filled up during the day, etc. I swapped at night and woke up to niagara falls. And every time I’ve attempted to use them since then, I leak and they won’t open all the way.
    Do I need a larger size or a firmer cup? I bought a small because I have issues with normal sized equipment being used during my yearly exams.

    • Experience with that

      Make sure the holes are not clogged preventing a seal. You can tug down on it once inserted to be sure it’s sealed. I rotate it ever so slightly to ensure it’s fully open.

  • Milica

    Hi, Can you write a review about Lali cup. It is medical grade silicone cup from Slovenia, they have 3 sizes, medium soft firmness, between V and bell shape. |
    I have a question about the shape of the cup. Is it possible that V shape suits better then bell shaped cup?

  • Tamara

    I have a small question if you guys would please get back to me when you can. I am almost 18 and I’ve never worn a cup before. I’m really small and a bit underweight and very skinny. Tampons sometimes hurt and don’t always go in without pressure and I sometimes have to force them in. I’ve never had a child and i never got my cervix checked out but I know my vagina is sensitive and when i do out in a tampon it is hard to pee. I also wear regular tampons and my periods are only heavy on the first two days I am interested in a cup because I think it will be better for me. Do you know which cup I should buy or which cup is best for me? Please respond. Thankyou!

    • lois

      I was wondering this too — if I have issues getting a regular tampon in, will I even be able to use a cup?

      • Tamara

        Yes! Exactly Thankyou for summing my question up lol

        • Katie

          If you have trouble with tampons, you will have evendors more trouble with a cup. Maybe try one of the softer, smaller ones?

      • michelle m~

        my babes, all it takes is a lottttttt of practice, some bravado (balls/chutzpah lol), and some time spent REALLY getting to know yourself & your insides-which will include getting a bit messy!! my experience with tampons was horrifying, my mom never used them so i had to rely on the girls in my theatre troupe to help me with that one. they were helpful as they could be, but until i became regularly sexually active, my vagina was entirely uncharted waters, and thus very scary for me as a panicky, scared & anxious young girl:/ i eventually (this was literally after YEARS of using tampons to only get to an “ok” point of being comfortable inserting/wearing them) got the hang of them and now that i’ve switched to cups, i’m AMAZED. idk what experience exactly y’all have with tampons, but with me at least, tampons as well as disposable pads.pantiliners have all irritated my inner and outer labia and the surrounding skin so badly!! the worst part though, was the dryness and irritation from tampons, which i only semi-recently realized are full of NASTY chemicals you wouldn’t touch with your hand, let alone be INSERTING INTO YOUR BODY! you feel me?

        so. it seems intimidating, i’m sure. and i’m certainly not perfect with my cup as of right now but girls it is a billion times better than the disposable options, and for so many reasons. do your research-it’ll pay off. this site is great, but there are youtube channels like preciousstarspads whom i think will specifically benefit the both of you immensely!!! seriously, go check her out! and good luck my lil cherry blossoms!!! i’m off to go change my cup actually, lol! good luck<3<3<3

  • Natali

    What cup would you recommend if I find the Lena small size to be too thick or firm? I find it difficult to keep folded when inserting, would prefer a thinner cup, any ideas?

  • Star

    Can you tell me where the dandelion minstrel cup is made and if it’s any good

  • Xandri

    Hi, found you through I Know I Need To Stop Talking. Before I ask you for ideas of potential Holy Grail cups: have any of you ever tried putting cups in when not on your period? If so, have you found that where you are in your cycle affects he ease or difficulty of getting one in?

    29, 5″ dot, drama person, never had children. My flow is normally heavy enough that I leak on underwear/bottoms/bedding/floor at least once a cycle and clot if I eat badly enough, but also sometimes use Lilets teen night pads as pantliners. I bleed for a week at a time, generally regular as clockwork.

    I have no idea where my cervix is and have never been for any gyno stuff apart from cervical smears or if I’ve had a swollen zitty-type lump. I had been using a particularly soft cup with a bobble end in blue glitter. However, it’s a real faff to get in because I have to fold it every which way and I often find it doesn’t open out all the way. I’m often crampy and sensitive and have taken mefanamic acid in the past. I really liked disposable Softcups but you can’t get them any more in the UK as far as I’m aware. Ones with arms have been pretty hit and miss for me and I wasn’t wild on the Mooncup.

    It’s been a while since I’ve used one and I generally use Always Infinity pads. I avoid tampons because they shed fibres but have used them in the long-ago past.

    I want – and need – one for practical reasons. I get that cups are all about empowering women and think this is great; however, I sometimes feel that cups are marketed towards women while trans men and non-binary bleeders aren’t always taken into account.
    As someone who is in one of those categories, I find this a bit frustrating.

    Hope that anyone *can* help, and thanks for reading

    • roisindubh211

      I have found that it really matters whether I’m on my period or not since I gave birth the cup is super uncomfortable until my period starts, but unnoticeable during. Before giving birth it was only slightly noticeable and I sometimes used a cup as a “just in case” before my period started.

  • Kelly

    Hi! I’ve used a diva cup off and on for 8 years and I’m 35. I’ve had 2 csections (never labored and never dialated) and have a size 2 diva per their recommendations. I just got my period 9 months pp and every time I take the diva cup out, it hurts to remove. I have switched to thinx underwear while I sort out which cup would be best. Any ideas which cups might work?

  • kelsey

    I need a high capacity cup for low cervix. The femmycycle looks like it would be functional but the reviews imply the no leak funnel thing serves no purpose and can fling blood when opened. I assume I would get used to managing that and it would be worth it to not have to change the cup out as often but the merula cup sounds like it would work better, I’m just not sure what my best option for purchasing it would be.

  • Michelle

    I switched to the cup a few months ago. I currently have the small Lunette cup, and have no trouble inserting. However I cannot get the cup to open fully. I’m not sure of the location of my cervix, and I believe that my uterus and cervix are slightly titled. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to get this thing to open, or do I need a smaller cup? I have been told I am small down there(that’s about the only place on my body that is!)

  • Tiffany

    i have tried a cup (I think the blossom cup but not positive) and everytime I tried it, the cup would go up higher and would make removal difficult as I could barely grab the stem. what would be recommended to find a better fit?

  • him

    Ⲩoս can definitely see yоur expertise in the article
    you write. The world hopes for eѵen more passionate writerѕ like
    yoᥙ who aren’t afraid to say how they belieѵe.
    Always follow your heart.

  • Francis

    i have a 1 Diva Cup. No children. And I find it the rubber is too hard. Often irritating me with the process of putting it in and out. I also have vestibulitis and lichen simplex chronicus. Anyone have suggestion or experiences of which cup would be better?

  • Thomas

    Great post! Have nice day ! 🙂 pkwoi

  • Kayla

    How about a review of the Blossom Menstrual Cup?

  • Laura

    Hello there 🙂

    First off, I want to tell you how fabulous and helpful your website is! I love that you took the time to compile all of this information. So, thank you for that!!

    I am new to the world of menstrual cups and I really want to get on board with them. I bought a DivaCup on a whim at CVS one day thinking that would be a good place to start. It worked somewhat. I just had a LOT of struggles rotating it 360° to get a proper seal, and this is after multiple cycles). So, my question for you is…are there any cups out there where you don’t have to rotate it to get the seal?

    (Also, I took the quiz. It suggested either the MeLuna Sport, Yuuki, LadyCup, or the LenaCup)

    Much appreciated,
    A newbie cup user

    • rebecca

      i use the lunette light flow cup and its great.
      i often use a little aloe vera to help it up and in. I’ve only had trouble once when i didn’t push it up quite far enough, but otherwise, its the cup for me. ive never had to twist it, the cup seems to just open as its inserted. I use the C fold.
      so, id suggest using lube maybe, or something to help with the rotation.
      itsjustkelli on youtube has done a stack of reviews on cups and other devices. The reviews are a bit repetitive, but well worth it if you’re going to buy a new cup. She started with the Diva, but found others are better. Lots of details which really help, even if you skip to the end for the conclusion. (theyre long)

      • rebecca

        here’s the section on periods and alternative products.
        Femmy cup might be good. No twisting.

  • Lisa

    My daughter suggested I try this product. I don’t use tampons…even thinking about the idea of putting something inside me like that is nauseating. I am having surgery soon and I will apparently be on my period. I really shouldn’t be having periods anymore but my body seems to be liking my new healthy lifestyle so much that it wants to keep going. 😛 Anyway, we will see if this can work for my at this time. I do have one angst about your site though. It has SO MANY advertisements that I had trouble following links to your quiz and ended up downloading extensions I didn’t want or need! The quiz should be right up top and, especially newcomers, shouldn’t have to scroll way down to find it!! For all I knew I needed those extensions to take the quiz, it wasn’t clear. 🙁
    Thank you for this option. I am hoping this will do well for me. 🙂

  • Guest

    Hi. Thanks so much for this wonderful website and information. I just wanted to comment, I don’t know if anyone else has experienced this? I find I’m very very very sensitive “down there”. I’m not sexually active right now and when I was, over a decade ago, it was a nightmare, very painful every time. I think I’m small and very tight down there, being sexually active didn’t make me any “looser” down there. I recently started using a Luv Ur Body cup and I LOVE how long it is, because I’m very very very long down there with an extremely high cervix (long and narrow as they say). However I found after removing and inserting it about 3 times or so that I was SOOO irritated down there I couldn’t even touch myself there anymore. I’ve been a regular tampon user all my life but after removing and inserting the cup about 3 times I was so irritated down there I couldn’t even use a tampon for a couple of days. Has anyone else had this problem? I’d really love to be able to use a menstrual cup but it’s just too painful and irritating for me to insert and remove. Will I get used to it and it will stop irritating me after a few times?


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