Why We No Longer Support THINX
May 19, 2016 By Amanda Hearn

When menstruation makes the news you can bet that THINX, the company that made period panties a household name, will be mentioned. (We’re sure there’s a drinking game in here somewhere.)  The success of the company is thanks in part to risqué visuals and a rabid fan base who turned their own passion for the […]

You’ve got a special night ahead but your period has showed up for the occasion too. The perfect little black dress you picked out for the evening works best with your favorite tiny black clutch… but how can you possibly fit enough tampons inside for the whole evening out when you also have to bring […]

What do you know about Toxic Shock Syndrome?
February 12, 2015 By Amanda Hearn

Did you know that anyone who uses a traditional tampon is at risk for Toxic Shock Syndrome, or TSS? Brands like Tampax, Playtex, Kotex and OB, just to name a few, are among those to watch out for. What is TSS, and why is there a risk with traditional tampons? TSS is the result of […]

The topic of the moment in social media has been menstrual cups- how they can impact the lives of women in third world countries, how they could be the answer to the prayers of homeless women without regular access to restrooms, and how women in the US are making the switch too.  Not only are […]

The Most TMI Post Ever About The Diva Cup
February 10, 2015 By Kim Rosas

As if the title isn’t foreboding enough here is the skinny: this post is all about my new best friend – The Diva Cup.  The Diva Cup is a tiny magical silicone cup that you insert into your womanly cavity during your magical monthly visit that catches your nutrient rich menses.  See?  TMI.  What I […]

The average woman menstruates around over 2,500 or more days of her life!  This can create close to 11,000 tampons or disposable pads! That is an incredible amount of waste. Perhaps you’ve already switched to cloth diapers and now you’re thinking of your own well being and your contribution to the landfills. “Mama cloth” or […]