What IS A Menstrual Cup? We’re so glad you asked…

Even as menstrual cups skyrocket in popularity there are millions of people who have NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE! If you showed them a cup with no explanation they’d guess it was some sort of funnel, hat, or maybe a device to treat cellulite thanks to a recent viral video.  At PACII HQ we’ve been making resources and guides aimed at current or future cup users who already knew what the cup was. It’s time we fix that!

We now have a simple to understand video to help give the uninitiated a better understanding of what exactly IS a menstrual cup? What is it for, what does it do, and why would I want to use one?

In the age of informative videos meant to be digested on a tiny screen while also eating a muffin at lunch break this video isn’t comprehensive and can’t possibly cover the complete spectrum of things a menstrual cup IS. I’d love to expand into an hour long video to cover the health benefits, the lowered (really, nearly impossible) chance of contracting TSS when using a menstrual cup, the comfort (oh god the comfort! Why didn’t I know about these in my teens?), the convenience (not packing a box of tampons for an overseas trip and just packing a single cup- WHAT)- these things are what make me love the cup.

This video is the tip of the iceburg but I think by the end it makes the cup less of a mystery, and hopefully, more of an option when it comes to period care. We hope you love it too and that you have a new link to share with friends when they ask you “what is that thing?”

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  1. My own opinion would be that menstrual cups are the best option for swimming,gymnastics,water sports and other activities,they are also the best to prevent unwanted leaks from occurring and greatly reduce the need for pantyliners or pads for backup protection

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