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Traveling on Your Period: Why Menstrual Cups Are the Best for All Types of Travel

Traveling on Your Period: Why Menstrual Cups Are the Best for All Types of Travel, info featured by Put A Cup in It

By plane, train, or automobile, having traveling on your period adds an extra layer of planning to your adventure. What’s the best period management system for menstruating folks on the go? Without a doubt, it’s a comfortable, budget-friendly, and undeniably convenient and reusable menstrual cup. These babies aren’t magic, but they come pretty damn close with all the ways they make traveling while on your period an experience that’s both easy and enjoyable.

Why You Should Consider a Period Cup When Traveling

Menstrual Cups Save You Some Serious Green 

A one-time purchase of a menstrual cup (typically made medical-grade silicone or TPE) will likely have you covered for dozens of periods. Some menstrual cup users have been able to get up to 10 years out of a single cup! Can you imagine how much you’d spend on tampons or pads in 10 years worth of periods? We’d say that’s well worth the investment!

Menstrual Cups Are Environmentally Friendly

Pads and tampons have to be thrown away, which unfortunately creates waste that has to end up somewhere. Since your menstrual cup can be used over and over, you’re keeping trash out of a landfill every time you do! On top of that one-time purchase saving you money, every package of tampons or pads that you don’t buy by using your cup is helping to reduce the demand for consumer goods. Now that’s conscious consumerism!

No Carrying Trash In the Outdoors

Backpackers and thru-hikers know how important it is to pack out their trash, shed unnecessary weight, and simplify life on the trail as much as possible. With a menstrual cup for outdoor travel, camping, and hiking, you’ll never have to stop and fuss with separate bags for new and used tampons, or worry about packing out the extra weight of trash that disposables create.

Bonus of Menstrual Cups Outdoors: Peeing on a trail with a menstrual cup in is a total breeze. No holding your tampon string to keep it from getting soaked, or dealing with a mess when you pull down your pad to pop a squat.

Always With You, So You’re Always Prepared 

Another beautiful thing about menstrual cups being reusable – pack it once and you’ve got period protection for the whole trip! No scrambling to find a store with your brand in a far-off city or a foreign country, and definitely no worrying about having no access to a store at all. With your cup and a storage container, you’ve got everything you need to be period-prepared anywhere in the world!

Up to 12 hours of Wearability 

Menstrual cups are most often made from medical-grade silicone, are bpa free, and can be worn for up to 12 hours! Frequent flyers and road trippers know what a hassle it can be to get to the bathroom on an airplane or on the side of the road. Hopefully, everyone remembers to try to go before departure, but on a long flight you might feel the call of nature before you touch the tarmac. Those tiny airplane toilets and bathrooms and are beyond uncomfortable just to use, let alone for changing a pad or tampon. With a menstrual cup, you can outlast a full flight or hours on the road and be totally protected. Even if you do have to relieve yourself en route, you can do your business without taking out your cup!

Great Protection With Any Activity 

We mentioned how great menstrual cups are for adventure activities like hiking and camping, but what about getting in the water while you’re traveling with your period?

Pads don’t work for getting wet. Tampons still have to be changed frequently (usually requiring privacy). How could you manage a full day of surfing or snorkeling, or be able to hit the beach for some swimming worry-free? Enter the mighty menstrual cup, collecting blood instead of absorbing all liquid in sight, and able to be worn for up to 12 hours before emptying.

Prolonging the adventure is just one part of what makes menstrual cups amazing for any activity while traveling, but we haven’t even gotten to comfort. The soft, flexible silicone of cups is made to move with your body and be malleable while you’re on the move, making menstrual cups perfect for any physical pursuit from rollerblading to rock climbing.

Tips for Traveling on Your Period With A Menstrual Cup

Now that we’ve hopefully left no doubt in your mind about choosing a menstrual cup as your one-stop period system for travel, we’ll get down to some pro tips for using a menstrual cup on any expedition.

Store Your Cup With Caution

The amazing convenience of menstrual cups is less so if they’re dirty when you go to use them. You probably don’t want your cup floating around your suitcase picking up lint anyway, and keeping your cup in a cotton pouch will keep it clean and still allow for breathability, and allow airflow for moisture to evaporate.

Remember Auxiliary Items

The type of access to bathrooms, sinks, and privacy you have to manage your period will vary depending on your type of travel and your itinerary. If you’re planning on being in the backcountry during your cycle, you’ll need clean, potable water for rinsing and cleaning your cup (and probably your hands). A shaker cup, mild soap, and/or wipes for cleaning your cup are also great items to have on any trip! If you have access to a public restroom stall, you’re all set and we’ve got you there, too!

Consider Packing A Backup Cup

If you have concerns about accessibility in terms of keeping your cup clean, a great way to alleviate that stress is simply by carrying a backup cup! This way if your cup becomes damaged, dirty, or otherwise unusable in a pinch, your second cup has got your back. A backup cup is also a great solution if you’ll be traveling for an extended amount of time and are worried you won’t be able to boil your cup between cycles.

How to Choose A Menstrual Cup (or Disc) for Traveling

Making the switch to a cup can seem intimidating at first. Change can be scary but we have a to of incredible resources to help you find the best menstrual cups for your body.

To make it as easy as possible for beginners we have created a very carefully crafted The Cup Quiz, a menstrual cup quiz that factors in your period experience, body, and lifestyle needs to help guide you to the right cup the first time.

If you’re more interested in using a menstrual disc, we have The Disc Quiz for that!

We also work with many brands to offer exclusive coupons to make this whole process that much sweeter.

How to Use a Menstrual Cup (or Disc) When Traveling on Your Period

Learning to insert and remove a cup can take some practice, but it’s once you figure out what works for you you’re golden. We recommend wearing a panty liner or period underwear when you first start. You may not have any leaks but it’s best to have the peace of mind and back up just in case.

Before You Use Your Menstrual Cup (or Disc)

Head to the sink and wash your hands and your cup! Flick off the excess water and you’re good to go. If you need a little help a small amount of lubricant on the rim can work wonders. Be sure to use a gentle soap or cup cleanser without any harsh fragrances (preferably none). No one wants a surprise infection.

If you need information on how to clean your menstrual cup, we’ve got you!

Inserting Your Menstrual Cup (or Disc)

Fold it in half (there are more folds, but this is a simple one to start), and insert and give it a turn to be sure that the cup is fully open. If the cup isn’t fully open, you can turn it more or run a finger alongside it to help it open. Once you get the hang of insertion, it really is a quick process. More info (& a video!) on how to insert your cup here.

Inserting Your Menstrual Cup (or Disc)

Gently reach for and pinch the bottom of the cup (the stem can be helpful to coax the cup down if you have a high cervix — bear down gently if needed), and then slowly remove it, being careful not to spill the contents. Once it is out, just dump it into the toilet, wash, and reinsert. More info (& a video!) on how to remove your cup here.

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