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Shiny New Menstrual Cup Chart Updates

If you haven’t already met them, you can check out one of most useful tools – the Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart in it’s original glory, or metric. In our charts we break down all of a cups measurements, plus a few other features. Up until now, we have listed the cups based on manufacturer information. However, we’ve found that there is no one system for measuring capacity, which can lead to frustration for cup users — specifically those with a heavy flow that are looking for a cup that will hold more. Our chart now show the brand listed capacity, as well as our own measurement to the holes of each cup.


How We Measured & Why

We may have looked a bit like mad scientists, but accuracy is obviously the most important factor here so we ordered a full on chemistry style set of graduated cylinders and pipettes. Cups were measured, remeasured, and measured again.

As mentioned, we wanted these measurements for consistency across the chart but also to better represent the capacity of each cup. Of course coming up to or even over the holes doesn’t mean your cup will begin to leak, but it could. Also we feel that to the holes gives a bit of leeway for things like the cervix moving up/down or the cup squishing internally as it forms to your shape — some cups do this more than others depending on material and firmness.

One More Change!

In addition to the new measurements, we have removed the last column, which listed brand recommendations on how to choose a size.  While we feel that these generalized guidelines can be helpful when choosing a product from the shelf, it’s really not the best way to choose the perfect cup for you. There are many factors that go into choosing a size beyond age and having given birth. We suggest looking to our Menstrual Cup Quiz which helps with that.

All caught up? Head over to check out the updated Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart to see the changes!

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