Saalt Soft Menstrual Cup Review

The Saalt Soft Menstrual Cup is the newest cup to the scene, and we are so excited to be sharing more about this new design that we helped to create. Our Saalt Soft review video covers all the things you want to know about this new collaboration cup, but as with all menstrual cups just because a cup works for us doesn’t mean it will work everyone. We encourage all of you watching to keep your own body and period needs in mind to determine if the Saalt Soft will be a good fit for you. Take our menstrual cup quiz if you haven’t already, or check out our menstrual cup comparison chart and see if the sizing, capacity and firmness meet your needs.

The Saalt Soft

Saalt Soft is what we consider the perfect “soft average” and rates a 2 on the PACII Firmness Scale. It should be soft enough not to aggravate those with sensitivities, but also firm enough to still open easier than truly soft cups. It has the same great shape as the Saalt Cup, but in a new, slightly softer firmness.

Like the original, the small size holds 20 ml and the large holds 30 ml. As we mentioned in our Salt Cup Review, it really isn’t an extreme cup. It’s very average in all regards, with the firmness of the Salt Cup leaning to the firm side of average, and now we have the Saalt Soft which leans to the soft side of average.

Not exactly a feature of the cup itself, but each package comes with one of our advocacy stickers, specially designed for the Saalt Soft!

Things We Love

  • The Sizing — good capacity for a large (they call it “regular”) & we love the petite length and diameter of their small
  • Slightly soft firmness — super comfortable but still opens well
  • Some people find that a cup with this firmness stays in place better, which is our experience as well
  • Smooth protruding rim and nice, comfortable body shape
  • Trusted brand with reputation for amazing customer service

Things We Don’t

  • Cups that aren’t a 4 or 5 on our firmness chart can be a little harder to get open — especially for those who aren’t experienced with cups. They are still good for beginners, but it’s worth knowing and giving yourself time to get use to. The Saalt Soft is a 2 on our firmness chart, which means that it still has a bit of firmness but may require a little bit more fiddling than a firmer cup to get it open

Get The Saalt Soft

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