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Free Printable Period Tracker

Printable Period Tracker text on a banner over images of printable period planner pages in various color schemes

I hope the position here at Put A Cup In It is pretty obvious, but I want to make it very clear that the recent ruling to strip away our rights is devastating and the worry for what it may mean for other rights as well. I support your right to choose, your right to privacy, and want to do my best to support you in making informed decisions regarding your menstrual and reproductive health.

Growing concerns over the safety of period apps and digital records have many choosing to delete their data from these apps, turning to pen and paper methods for tracking their periods. The information coming from some apps is encouraging, but it seems complicated to say the least. 

I don’t have the answers on the legal complexities of data access and even the legal sources I’ve turned to seem conflicting. I think the answer is simply that we don’t know yet, and that’s stressful and scary.

To help make some of this suck a little less, I turned to design both as a means of calming my brain and to hopefully be useful in some way. This period tracker is my gift to you. I hope that it helps provide you with something that’s at least fun to look at and might also provide you with a modicum of control and peace when it comes to the safety of your information.

Printable Period Tracker

  • Pages:
    • Intro Page (with very basic/general info & tips)
    • Monthly Period Tracker
    • Yearly Period Tracker
  • File Size: 18MB
  • File Type: PDF
  • Color Options: 11 💛

Have suggestions for how to improve this tracker? Please email me.

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Printable Temp Tracker

  • Pages:
    • Intro Page (with very basic/general info & tips)
    • Temp Tracker — Up to 40 Days
    • Temp Tracker — Up to 54 Days
      (landscape orientation)
  • File Size: 27MB
  • File Type: PDF
  • Color Options: 11 💛

Thanks to the requests and suggestions from our community, I have added temp tracking sheets to this resource.

If you’d like to chart your temp you will need a basal body thermometer. Ovulation test strips would be helpful as well but aren’t required.

Futher Support

If you need assistance or are looking for organizations to support there are links below (I welcome suggestions for inclusion, so please feel free to reach out)

  • The Put A Cup In It Community (Facebook / Reddit / Discord)
    • We are here to help and support you with your period and period product needs. Even though we do our best to moderate a safe and inclusive space it is important to be careful about what and how much you share in online spaces if you are at risk.
  • AidAccess
    • Aid Access supports women, girls, trans men, nonbinary, and all people who cannot otherwise access an abortion or miscarriage treatment and protects their human rights. 
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Who Is My Representative 
    • Find out who represents you in the US Congress and how to reach them
  • Resistbot
    • Resistbot is free. Text RESIST to 50409. Or, talk to the bot on Apple MessagesTelegramTwitter, or Messenger. Answer the questions the bot texts you, and in two minutes you’ll have sent a letter to the elected officials of your choice: your members of Congress, state legislators, or many more.

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