Princess Superstar Raps about Menstrual Cups

Princess Superstar, a rapper from NYC with a long career but without a househould name, has teamed up with the popular menstrual cup brand Lunette for a rap about periods.

With lyrics like “When you’re done empty it, put it up again” and “Just stick it up there in your va-jay-jay, don’t gotta worry ’bout that shit all day day.” it’s clearly giving you the instructions but doesn’t take itself too seriously.  We here at PACII feel like companies providing women with a cup for their vaginas should have a sense of humor in life so we give this video and the idea behind it a BIG YES even if the whiny voice drives us a little insane.

Menstrual cups are getting more and more popular and with creative advertising techniques like this one perhaps we will see more young women opting to “put a cup in it” instead of a tampon.



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