MommyCon Menstrual Sessions – Meet Virginia II

If you would have told me 6 years ago that I would be speaking to fairly large rooms of people (men and women I’ll have you know!) about cups that go inside your vagina I’m not sure how I would have reacted to that.

1.  I didn’t know menstrual cups in any shape or form existed.

2. I am/have always been terrified of public speaking so OMG why would I do that and how would I survive without fainting?

3.  If I were speaking in public why is it about vagina cups and menstrual stuff and NOT cloth diapers.  Cloth diapers is kind of my thing.

So many questions Kim from 6 years ago would have had.  Life is funny like that.  I started my “online” career blogging about cloth diapers and sometime in 2012 I tried a menstrual cup, LOVED it, blogged about it, then made videos (a few of those have over 500k views each), then started speaking at MommyCon events all over the US on that topic thanks to DivaCup who sponsors these sessions!.  WHAT?!

I started these in-person menstrual workshops using a clear plastic tube affectionately named Virginia.  A clear tube has been a helpful way of demonstrating how effective menstrual cups are at holding menstrual fluid without leaking.  The clear tube is also great for showing how the menstrual cup opens inside the vagina in various ways depending on the fold used, how you can troubleshoot a cup that won’t open, etc. Before the clear tube idea I thought maybe there was a medical model I could purchase.  My various Googling came up with nothing useful for my purposes.  I wouldn’t recommend Googling “clear vagina tube” and the like.  My DIY vagina tube made for a fun trip to Home Depot and she has been working great so far.


And there is #virginiaII with her makeover. #putacupinit #menstrualcup #teachingaid


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As luck would have it Amanda, another PACII writer, found an amazingly useful female pelvic model that would be perfect for cup demos.  While we weren’t able to track the original down we did both find ones on Ebay that were close enough.  That’s how my newest teaching aid came to live with me.

This model to help doctors demonstrate how to use a certain ring shaped brith control is now living its best life as a menstrual cup teaching aid!  I made a few customizations to “pimp my uterus” including little eyes and a smile.  Every uterus should be cute.

check your cervix for menstrual cups

With a Put a Cup In it sticker for maximum awesome and nametags she is ready to help me be the best #vagangelist I can be!  She made her first teaching debut in a recent Put a Cup in It Periscope, available to re-watch on Katch.  (You should totally be following @putacupinit on Periscope by the way.  Do it!

This weekend (9/19/15) I will be speaking at my 6th MommyCon in Columbus Ohio about menstrual cups (and yes, I also still do cloth diaper stuff so you can find me at the Cloth Diaper Resource Center all day long!).  I’ll have Virginia II and Virginia on hand to help me change the hearts and vaginas of everyone in that room.  Trying to tell people “what I do” is always interesting but I LOVE helping educate all people on the benefits of menstrual cups.  #bestjobever

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