Lunapads Celebrates DivaCup Month to Help Girls at the Pader Girls Academy

newlogoGood menstrual health and hygiene are obviously important issues for women and girls all over the world, but what happens when girls can’t access the products they need to live their day-to-day lives normally during menstruation?

In places like rural Uganda, it isn’t uncommon for girls to miss an entire week of school due to their periods. They may rely on old t-shirts or rags in an attempt to make their flow manageable. Having reliable menstrual products means means the world to girls in countries, and areas, where access to basic hygiene products is lacking or simply unaffordable.

DivaCupLunapads recognizes this need and that’s why this May, they have partnered with DivaCup for their One4Her initiative, pledging an AfriPads kit for every single DivaCup sold! This marks year two for this great event, and up to 500 Kits will be distributed at the Pader Girls Academy in Northern Uganda. To make the initiative even sweeter, they have placed all DivaCup Kits on sale for 20% off until the end of the month!

Pader Girls Academy offers secondary school and vocational training to girls victimized from the war in Northern Uganda. Girls who were who were unable to attend or complete a formal education due to poverty, displacement, or abduction during the insurgency.

In addition to purchasing a DivaCup from, you can help by spreading the word about this important cause and opportunity to make a difference. Lunapads and DivaCup have even created this great list of tweets to make sharing simple.

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The One4Her programs works with participating products purchased through

You can read more about the Pader Academy at the links below:

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