Lumma Unique Menstrual Disc Review

The Lumma Unique is a line of reusable menstrual discs with a rapidly growing cult following. With three sizes (most brands are one size fits all), unique pull string, and rainbow color options, it’s easy to see why! Lumma Unique is Brazil based and actually started out making breastfeeding accessories before they branched out into the menstrual care category. Keep reading for our exclusive coupon code in this post.

As a low key and hesitant reusable disc fan, I took this new product for a spin over two menstrual cycles and wound up giving it the ultimate test while traveling abroad. As an added bonus, this product had the special privilege of being inside of my vagina while I met my lifelong musical idol. (You can see that story story is in the video review below!)

lumma unique sizes

Lumma Unique Disc Sizes

The Unique discs come in three size options: Small, Medium, and Large.

Brand Size Rim Diameter Shape Capacity Material Reusable Other Notes
Lumma Unique S 0.24″ 2.09″ Round 30 ml Silicone Yes Has Silicone String
Lumma Unique M 0.24″ 2.48″ Round 55 ml Silicone Yes Has Silicone String
Lumma Unique L 0.24″ 2.68″ Round 60 ml Silicone Yes Has Silicone String

I only tested the large because, having had success with other discs in this same diameter, I wanted to stay with what I knew would likely work best for me. For reference, I have a completely average cervical height and average/low average flow.

According to Lumma’s website the sizes should be chosen based on cervix height, however I am unsure if this is the best method for choosing a disc, and at this point, not quite sure what the best criteria for choosing a size would be (assuming you’ve never tried one before). The jury on how to select a size before trying a disc is still out, but I will certainly update as I learn more.

Lumma Unique Pros:

  • A selection of sizes
  • Durable silicone
  • Comes in fun colors or clear
  • Removal string
  • Firmer rim (for those who prefer it)
  • More room for activities (mess free period sex)
  • Includes a silicone case
  • PACII Coupon Available
  • Shipping Worldwide

Lumma Unique Cons:

  • Knowing which size to choose can be confusing
  • Possible messy removal

Is a Disc Right For You?

As mentioned in our article, Menstrual Cups vs Menstrual Cups, menstrual discs function, are inserted, and are removed very differently than a menstrual cup. Even as a seasoned menstrual cup user it still took time for me to use a disc successfully, and Amanda is still not a fan. If you want to try a disc, keep in mind that you will have a LOT of contact with your body — which is not a bad thing, but it might come as a shock to you how much you are in your vagina compared to tampons, or even a cup.

In terms of their benefits, a reusable silicone disc should last many years, provide comfortable protection, and can be inserted before your period begins (unlike tampons).

Removal of the Lumma Unique

Personally, the messy removal process for discs has always made using a regular menstrual cups a preference for me. We even jokingly refer to them as “blood drawers”. That said, the Lumma Unique does have a pull string that aids in removal and helps make things less messy. If you aren’t a fan of the string, you can definitely trim it down or remove it entirely. It might be worth noting that the string would likely be in the way if you choose to have sex with the disc in place.

Regarding on-the-go changes, I don’t find discs convenient or particularly pleasant to deal with in public restrooms. If you have a heavy period, or are on the go enough that this is an issue, a menstrual cup is easier to empty and replace in a public stall.

As someone who primarily uses a menstrual cup, it wasn’t until my 2nd cycle using a disc that I realized leaking blood while urinating was actually normal. Apparently the disc can “tilt” during a bathroom visit, emptying some of the contents. Some people have gotten this down to a science on purpose, as a way to empty the cup hands free. Sometimes as I urinate I can push a bit and I will notice the cup empties, which is nice on those heavier days. It ensures I have a little more room until I go to empty it before bed since I typically only dump and wash 2x a day.

As it turns out, I’m an ideal menstrual disc candidate and if I didn’t love my cups so much I would probably switch to either the large Lumma Unique or the Nixit. Both were perfect experiences for me in terms of comfort and leak protection. The price of the Lumma Unique definitely makes the choice a little easier.

Where to Buy

Lumma Unique discs can be purchased from the US and abroad through the Lumma website and shipped worldwide. They’re also carried at a few retailers which are listed on their website. Interested in the Lumma Disc? Save 10% with coupon code: putacupinit

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