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Lumma Unique Menstrual Disc Review

The Lumma Unique is a line of reusable menstrual discs with a rapidly growing cult following. With three sizes (most brands are one size fits all), unique pull string, and rainbow color options, it’s easy to see why! Lumma Unique is Brazil based and actually started out making breastfeeding accessories before they branched out into the menstrual care category. Keep reading for our exclusive coupon code in this post.

As a low key and hesitant reusable disc fan, I took this new product for a spin over two menstrual cycles and wound up giving it the ultimate test while traveling abroad. As an added bonus, this product had the special privilege of being inside of my vagina while I met my lifelong musical idol. (You can see that story story is in the video review below!)

lumma unique sizes

Lumma Unique Disc Sizes

The Unique discs come in three size options: Small, Medium, and Large.

Brand Size Rim Diameter Shape Capacity Material Reusable Other Notes
Lumma Unique S 0.24″ 2.09″ Round 30 ml Silicone Yes Has Silicone String
Lumma Unique M 0.24″ 2.48″ Round 55 ml Silicone Yes Has Silicone String
Lumma Unique L 0.24″ 2.68″ Round 60 ml Silicone Yes Has Silicone String

I only tested the large because, having had success with other discs in this same diameter, I wanted to stay with what I knew would likely work best for me. For reference, I have a completely average cervical height and average/low average flow.

According to Lumma the sizes should be chosen based on cervix height, however I am unsure if this is the best method for choosing a disc, and at this point, not quite sure what the best criteria for choosing a size would be (assuming you’ve never tried one before). The jury on how to select a size before trying a disc is still out, but I will certainly update as I learn more.

Lumma Unique Pros:

  • A selection of sizes
  • Durable silicone
  • Comes in fun colors or clear
  • Removal string
  • Firmer rim (for those who prefer it)
  • More room for activities (mess free period sex)
  • Includes a silicone case
  • PACII Coupon Available
  • Shipping Worldwide

Lumma Unique Cons:

  • Knowing which size to choose can be confusing
  • Possible messy removal

Menstrual Cup Menstrual Disc by Put A Cup In It

Is a Disc Right For You?

As mentioned in our article, Menstrual Cups vs Menstrual Cups, menstrual discs function, are inserted, and are removed very differently than a menstrual cup. Even as a seasoned menstrual cup user it still took time for me to use a disc successfully, and Amanda is still not a fan. If you want to try a disc, keep in mind that you will have a LOT of contact with your body — which is not a bad thing, but it might come as a shock to you how much you are in your vagina compared to tampons, or even a cup.

In terms of their benefits, a reusable silicone disc should last many years, provide comfortable protection, and can be inserted before your period begins (unlike tampons).

Removal of the Lumma Unique

Personally, the messy removal process for discs has always made using a regular menstrual cups a preference for me. We even jokingly refer to them as “blood drawers”. That said, the Lumma Unique does have a pull string that aids in removal and helps make things less messy. If you aren’t a fan of the string, you can definitely trim it down or remove it entirely. It might be worth noting that the string would likely be in the way if you choose to have sex with the disc in place.

Regarding on-the-go changes, I don’t find discs convenient or particularly pleasant to deal with in public restrooms. If you have a heavy period, or are on the go enough that this is an issue, a menstrual cup is easier to empty and replace in a public stall.

As someone who primarily uses a menstrual cup, it wasn’t until my 2nd cycle using a disc that I realized leaking blood while urinating was actually normal. Apparently the disc can “tilt” during a bathroom visit, emptying some of the contents. Some people have gotten this down to a science on purpose, as a way to empty the cup hands free. Sometimes as I urinate I can push a bit and I will notice the cup empties, which is nice on those heavier days. It ensures I have a little more room until I go to empty it before bed since I typically only dump and wash 2x a day.

As it turns out, I’m an ideal menstrual disc candidate and if I didn’t love my cups so much I would probably switch to either the large Lumma Unique or the Nixit. Both were perfect experiences for me in terms of comfort and leak protection. The price of the Lumma Unique definitely makes the choice a little easier.

Where to Buy

Lumma Unique discs can be purchased in the US at Amazon and abroad through the Lumma website and shipped worldwide.

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  1. Dad Messes Up By Letting His Son Take Wife’s Menstrual Cup For Show And Tell”,”description”:”Ah, show and tell, probably the best part of school (apart from recess and lunchtime on Pizza Friday, of course).

  2. Coupon code just worked for me today 02/15/2020 and it saved me $4.20

    I also got free shipping (for what I guess was a Valentines Day sale?) in addition to BOGO

    So that’s 2 Lumma Uniques shipped in the U.S. for $37.80

    I wanted to try them due to being the only disc that has smaller sizing.

    Since other people sharing their stories and reviews have been so helpful to me I thought I would share this in case anyone else has a similar situation with sizing etc.

    I used to wear a blossom cup in 2018 before getting pregnant again but after recently having my last child the cup is too long now, even after removing the stem. My cervix must have dropped even lower, I never measured it before. After reverting to Tampons again for the last couple of months I started a desperate quest to find something else. They are just as horrible, uncomfortable and drying/irritating as I remembered!

    Anyways, I just discovered Softdisc due to others mentioning it in reviews for other products and they’re so cheap I had to try it out. I used it for the first time this month and it is working fine for me but feels like I could probably use a slightly smaller diameter as it feels like it’s putting some pressure on my fornix or bottoming out so to speak, it is also barely able to tuck at my pubic bone and I am afaid it will slip out of place.

    I am right at the second knuckle of my finger in regards to cervix height which classifies me as having a low cervix, and places me at the max depth for size medium according to the Lumma sizing guide, so that’s what I bought, medium. Hopefully it will be my perfect fit and my quest will be complete for now.

    Anyways, thanks for all the reviews and great comparison information, it really helped me out. The coupon was nice too!

    1. Mama, have you used the lumma disc yet? How did the medium compare to the softcup? I’m torn between medium and large. I don’t really want to get one of each because I’d like to get two of the same size so I can keep the stem on one and cut it off the other for sex. I use soft cups now and they work great for me but my measurements say I should be a medium. Id love to hear how it worked for you.

      1. Hi. Ive just got mine in and tried the medium and small. I was able to get the medium in and up at least but it wanted to push down. The small fit me perfect. Im so excited. The softdisks wouldnt fit at all. I couldnt get them behind the bone at all. Im ordering 2 more smalls i think. Just to have them. Lol

  3. Thank you so much for this review. I am currently a cup user, but it puts a lot of pressure on either my bladder or urethra making it difficult to urinate and that’s still with using the Lena sensitive small cup. I’ve been interested in making the switch to a disc just for this reason. I did try both the flex and nixit discs a while back and I must be vaginally on the small side because both of these discs were just too big. No matter how far back I would insert them, the discs were just too long and they could not be pushed up behind my pubic bone. The fact that the Lumma comes in smaller sizes is very exciting to me. I just ordered using the discount code (thanks for that) and with the buy 1 get 1 free, it was a no brained for me to buy these. I got one in medium and small. I’ll let you know how they work out once I get them. 🙂

    1. Hi Valerie,

      Which of the two sizes that you bought would you recommend? Did the smallest one get any use, or is the medium preferred? Im considering getting the Small and Medium options, but i cant really guess which of the 3 would be best since ive seen that people with low cervixes may not have any issues with the large option. I have a medium/low cervix during my cycle, myself.

  4. I’m an avid flex cup/ disc user but wanted to try something different. The cups hurt disc sit better and I feel nothing. I found this site due to vigorous online cup/ disc searching. You guys have helped me out a lot. With that being said I have now purchased the Lumma unique for bogo and the coupon on your website worked as well here’s to hoping that they work just like the flex or very similar to it. I’ll let you guys know when that time of the month comes. 🙂

  5. Just used the coupon code to order a small and I large. It worked with their BOGO sale. My discs haven’t even come in yet, and the company has left a sour taste in my mouth with their aggressive marketing. I was on their website about a year ago, when I saw a BOGO sale mentioned somewhere else, but I didn’t order because I didn’t have the money before their sale ended and haven’t been sure if I need a small or medium. I just know that disposables have been too big, so the large is out. When I got on their website it said that the BOGO sale was going to end in 30 something minutes. I had my credit card (that I use for extra protection when ordering things online) in hand to order but didn’t realize that it was expired. I quickly looked for the new card, but couldn’t find it. With only a few minutes left, I gave into the pressure to put it on my debit card. After I paid and went back to the homepage the BOGO sale timer had started over. So the BOGO sale timer is a pressure strategy meant to stop you from taking time to think. Now, I wonder if the BOGO sale ever ends. I hate when companies pressure people this way, but they are the only ones to offer disc in different sizes. I am hoping that the discs are not as shady as their marketing practices since I have already ordered mine.

    1. The BOGO is permanent. It’s a pretty sleazy marketing tactic, and it annoys me too, but I am really happy with the cups so far and it does allow you to try different sizes. Honestly I think the cups are good enough quality that I really would expect higher quality marketing.

  6. I got the large & medium.

    I have med-low cervix & the Ziggy & Instead/ Flex are just too big; I can insert them, but I get a uti from the pressure on urethra. I have a femcup small & it’s a bit too small & the cut-off stem pokes painfully.

    I honestly use my 65mm diaphragm successfully, but the flange irritates & elongates my cervix with long wear (the femcup does as well dt suction & too small size).

    The medium is PERFECT & I am never using anything else ever. I love it. I could have gotten by with a small, I think. Idk what I will do with the large. It’s not painful… I’ll try it for day 2 & without stem for sex, probably.

    My best advice: if you think you’re between sizes, you can probably safely size down unless capacity is important, then size up.

    Both sizes are usable for me whereas even Ziggy was not ok/ barely useable.

    Oh & you can more easily empty hands free while peeing by pushing down if you size up!

    Best wishes.

    Please try this amazing product! I’ve used a large variety of cups since the first old hard latex versions & I have never found a better cup/ disc!

  7. I have an IUD since last year and my periods are suuper heavy on the second day, I have the tampax cup but on my heavier days I have to run every four hours to empty it or else I will overflow and make a mess, I love my cup I never leak when I use it but sometimes I feel some pressure on my urethra and the fact that I have to run to the bathroom every four hours bothers me a lot because I’m not always near one so I looked at other options and the lumma unique large disc seemed like a good one but I would like to have more opinions on how it works with really heavy flows, if you have some advice it would be very welcomed 🙏🏼💙

  8. Sounds like if you bare down a little you can empty your disc on the toilet. My concern is what if you sneeze? could my disc leak then? Any one have experience with this?

    1. Yes. This is my main concern. I’m on my third cycle with flex discs and even though I want to try a more reusable option, every time I sneeze or blow my nose, I leak. I have to wear a cloth pad at all times which can be annoying. However, a pad is not the worst thing as the disc is the best option I’ve experienced (tampons, pads, cup, now discs).

  9. I have been a menstrual cup user for years, but when heavy periods had me filling my Diva Cup in less than an hour on bad days, and because I loathe tampons and pads aren’t always an option, I had to seek an alternative.

    I purchased a Merula XL cup but insertion and removal remained difficult and often painful even several cycles in, and despite claims that it held nearly 2x the liquid of the Diva Cup, I never could go more than half full with it without leaking.

    I purchased a BOGO set of Lumma discs after seeing them here, and so far I love them!

    I bought 1 med, 1 lg. I’ve been wearing the large (tried medium once for a short time).

    I had to cut the tails off completely as they hurt me at any length. Never feel the disc itself, though.

    Insertion is super easy (even more so with medium size, as you would expect), and I’ve never “misplaced” it like with a cup. Removal is easy.

    But what I *really* love about these is that I was immediately able to master the “bear down to empty” technique so that every time I use the restroom, I just bear down, use my bidet to rinse myself, and don’t have to take it out!

    I take it out every 12 hours to clean it, but without a bloodbath because I just bear down to get lost contents out beforehand. And I wear a small panty liner to catch any stray drops on heavy days from the “bearing-down” process (but I also did that with the Diva Cup).

    Also, the mess-free period sex is a plus!

    As for sneezing or coughing and getting a gush, no, that hasn’t yet happened to me.

  10. I watched your menstrual disc comparison when I was trying to decide between the Ziggy and the Nixit and I hadn’t even realized Lumma existed! I bought the large and the medium because they’re on a permasale bogo. I’m so glad I did because the large is wayyy too big for me. I can use softcups just fine but for some reason the large Lumma, which is the same diameter, came out three times over the second day I used it. The whole thing just slid out.

    Today I’m using the medium and I can’t review for sure yet, but it seems to be going much much better. It was easier to insert, maybe because the rim is a bit stiffer, and it tucked behind my pubic bone super easily. I’ve been wearing for about six hours now and it’s been totally fine so far. I really hope it’ll keep working because I have been looking for something I can have sex while using for a long time. The material is definitely different than other cups- a little tackier, and I was worried that it would be uncomfortable to insert but that hasn’t been an issue so far.

    1. And as a reference, I have a retroverted uterus. I can never find anyone with one who can say whether it works for them, but it does for me so far.

  11. So grateful I read this article! I have severe (stage IV) endometriosis and a short cervix, and using a cup has been all but impossible for me! I decided to try the Lumma cup after reading this review and it has totally changed my life, hahaha! No joke, my cramps aren’t as bad and I can barely tell it’s there! Also, wanted to say that SP is my favorite band too, so that’s pretty awesome. :] Thanks so much for sharing your experience!

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