Lily Cup Video and Review Featuring “Virginia”

The Lily Cup wasn’t a brand I had heard of until their “Lily Cup Compact” hit Kickstarter. I watched the video with interest and shared their project with my readers on Facebook not knowing that soon it would go viral and blow past their initial goal. Unfortunately that product (the compact menstrual cup) didn’t work well for me. The good news is that they also sent their standard Lily Cup model for me to try and I’m glad they did because it worked great and has given me a new cup that I can recommend to other women.

The embedded video is my “review” and demonstration of the Lily Cup. If you dislike watching videos I will share some key points here in the blog post along with some product photos I took and 15 second video clips using Virginia.  This is Virginia’s video debut so please be nice to her!

Click here to watch & read on!

Lily Cup Review

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