Put A Cup In It

Inserting Your Menstrual Cup With Long Nails

Crazy nail art with rhinestones and Kardashian style nails aside, inserting a menstrual cup when you have long fingernails is still possible without scratching up your vag. This applies to both natural nails and acrylic. Some of us (ahem… me) keep our nails down to nubs and the thought is one that doens’t need consideration but new users who like to keep long nails may be deterred from even trying a cup when considering inserting the cup and potential scratching.

Amanda shows us how she inserts her cup and how, by pointing her fingertips inward, she makes sure no vaginas are harmed.

We’d love to hear your experience with using a cup while having long nails and any tips you have for others that would help readers stopping by to learn. Thanks for your help!

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