PACII Menstrual Cup Wish List

PACII Menstrual Cup Wish ListWe get a lot of requests to add certain brands of cups to our menstrual cup comparison chart. Because we take all of the photos ourselves -to be used on our visual comparison tool- we have to have the cups in hand to be able to add them.

If you’re a brand or someone who’d like to help, we do have a wish list of cups to add in the future. If you’d like to help out, please send us an email.

We’d also like to have you comment here if you’d like to see a certain brand added to this list. Please keep in mind that we do not add generic or rebranded (knock-off) cups due to intellectual property issues, safety concerns, and a general lack of customer care.

In no particular order we hope to add:

  • Luneale
  • Lamazuna
  • Hesta Organic
  • Green Cup of Maine
  • Cuplee
  • MyownCup Menstrual Cup
  • Coupe menstruelle Claricup
  • Lybera – La Coppetta Igienica
  • Femmecup menstrual cup
  • Fleurcup
  • Silja
  • The Keeper Menstrual Cup

We’ve been fortunate to list many brands but want to be as comprehensive of a resource as possible for our worldwide audience.

For those who are curious, once cups have been photographed they go on to live full cup lives as demos for our videos – as well as in person – and can also often be seen in our Instagram feed among our advocacy posts.


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