Menstrual Disc FAQ

Our menstrual disc FAQ is designed to help answer some of the most common… and obscure (but important and valid!) questions that we hear. Learning to use a menstrual disc can be exciting but also overwhelming; we hope that you find this resource helpful in your journey. Jump to “Buying a Menstrual Disc” Section Jump […]

Menstrual Disc Reviews

Six menstrual discs displayed with text that reads Menstrual Disc Reviews

Reviews can be a very important step in choosing a menstrual cup or menstrual disc. While the menstrual disc market isn’t nearly as robust (yet!) as cups, there are several brands available now. Here are some reviews of the top menstrual disc brands. Check out our video menstrual disc reviews below to see what we […]

Menstrual Cup Reviews

Four menstrual cups with an artistic background and text that reads 20+ Menstrual Cup Reviews from Real People

We show you how to choose the best menstrual cup for you with our popular Menstrual Cup Quiz but reviews are just as important in choosing a cup! Here are some reviews from top menstrual cup brands, plus check out our video menstrual cup reviews to see what we really think about each period cup.  […]

Menstrual Cup Cleaners

Image of two menstrual cup cleaning cups (yellow and pink) and two menstrual cups (orange an purple) on a pink background with text that reads Menstrual Cup Cleaners

How to clean your cup is a common first question. Can you use what you have on hand or should you use menstrual cup cleaners? Below we will go over all of the options to help you make a choice that works best for you! What Can I Use to Clean My Menstrual Cup  Soap […]

Can you use Menstrual Cups with IUDs?

“Can I wear a menstrual cup if I have an IUD?” We hear this a lot and it’s about time we address some of the misconceptions surrounding this somewhat controversial menstrual cup question. While we have privately answered whether you can wear a menstrual cup with an IUD or not, countless times, and guided users […]

Troubleshooting Menstrual Cup Leaks [the quiz]

Troubleshooting a menstrual cup leak and the cause can be frustrating. Our cup troubleshooting quiz is designed to help give you a place to start with tips tailored to the experience that you are having. Before you settle on purchasing a new cup take the quiz and give these tips a try. Sometimes it really […]

And The Study Says: Menstrual Cups Are As Safe & Effective As Other Options!

Today The Lancet released the largest and most comprehensive review of menstrual cup studies to date. The analysis examined 43 studies (narrowed from 436) that met their criteria for deeper review an inclusion. This. is. huge! Here at PACII HQ you’d think it was Christmas, because WHAT A GIFT THIS IS! While we have known, or […]

Menstrual Cups vs Menstrual Discs | The Differences

“I tried menstrual cups. They didn’t work for me?” We’ve heard that so many times that it’s almost a reflex to ask, “What brand did you try?” and we can almost guarantee that the answer will be “Softcup” or “Diva Cup” — both of which are available on store shelves. We can direct people to […]

Menstrual Disc Comparison Chart

Menstrual Disc Comparison Chart Click the top of each column to sort by brand, measurement, or feature. Brand↕ Size↕ Rim↕ Diameter↕ Shape↕ Capacity (Listed)↕ Material↕ Reusable?↕ Misc↕ Coupon Cora OS 0.43″ 2.56″ Ergonomic 47 ml Silicone Yes Has Removal Tab ⛔ Flex OS 0.31″ 2.76″ Round 30 ml BPA Free Polymer No Makes Softdisc ⛔ […]

How to Find Your Cervix & Check Its Position for A Menstrual Cup

How to find your cervix to measure it for a menstrual cup is one of the questions that we get the most. It might seem odd at first, but locating and measuring your cervical height is an important part of using a menstrual cup. While most people will have an average cervical height, there are […]