Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart

Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart Looking for our metric version? Click here. Click the top of each column to sort by brand, length, diameter, firmness, or capacity. For more information about on our firmness score, please visit the Menstrual Cup Firmness Guide. Brand↕ Image Size Length↕ Diameter↕ Capacity (To Holes)↕ Capacity (Listed)↕ Stem Total Length↕ Firmness↕ […]

How the Menstrual Cup Improved My Sex Life

Yes, you read that right. My choice of menstrual protection actually improved my sex life — more specifically moisture and overall vaginal awareness. Before I have you thinking that I’m claiming my cup makes me hornier than a newly hormonal teenager, I’d like to clarify. The cup obviously didn’t boost my libido [far from it, […]

Our Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart – Now With Sorting!

In a stroke of genius our team has made a small, but significant, change to our popular Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart. The chart, that has always been a favorite amongst cup users for comparing the length, capacity, and diameter, will now allow you to sort by those measurements! You can also sort by alphabetical order […]

How to Measure Your Cervix: A Very PACII How-To

Learning how to measure your cervix is as glorious as it sounds. It’s the best. It’s fantastic. We promise. Okay, we may be using alternative facts here, but it does play an important role in figuring out what menstrual cup might work the best for you or why the one you’ve tried didn’t. While it […]

A Very PACII Gift Guide — Gifts for your Bestie

boob pillow

You want to treat your bestie right, and happen to know what besties wants! It’s only right that we have made a list of our favorite things to gift (or get) to help get you out of the gift-giving rut you might find yourself stuck in. Remind your bestie that it’s always and forever “uteruses […]

12 Gifs that Perfectly Sum Up Using Period Products

…with disposables 1. When that pad gets stuck to your inner thigh and you’re trying to be discreet. 2. When it’s time to change your tampon and that shit is dry AF 3. When you get pee on the tampon string, again 4. When AF starts and your friend can only find crumpled ass, ancient, tampons […]

PACII Roadshow OH/IN/KY Recap

On Sunday after 2 days of non-stop crazy Amanda and I looked at each other in the car and said “We did it!” A crazy idea to bring our particular brand of education on the road not only made it through the planning stages, but it happened!  The PACII Roadshow happened, we did it, and it […]

The Best Damn Card Game. PERIOD. { FREE Download } Cards Against Humanity Variation

Like Cards Against Humanity, The Best Damn Card Game. Period. is a funny, multiplayer party game. This version dives headfirst into the random world of menstruation and classic Put A Cup In It silliness. This game is totally free to download. However, you will have to pay for your own supplies. Sorry! Don’t want to download […]

Looking forward to PACII Roadtrip? So are we!

We couldn’t be more excited about our first “tour” happening June 17-18 in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky! The planning has been non-stop as is our to-do list but we know it’s going to be worth it.   A photo posted by @putacupinit on Jun 6, 2016 at 7:18am PDT The PACII Roadshow is an event […]

Cloth Pads for the Bleeder with a Sense of Humor


Upon entering the world of cloth pads, rather reluctantly at first I should add, I was pleasantly surprised to find it was an amazing and hilarious little community. For those who sew their own cloth pads (henceforth known as “Snatch Napkins” after I wanted a better name for them) it can be a delightful creative outlet. […]