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The Benefits of Period Sex: Why You Should Have Sex on Your Period

5 Benefits of Period Sex featured by Put A Cup in It

Sex and masturbation during your period can feel absolutely amazing, and be a big boost to your mood at what’s sometimes seen as a less-fun part of your menstrual cycle. So why are some folks worried about a little menstrual blood?

Have you been apprehensive about having sex on your period, or even wondering if you can have sex on your period?

If you answered yes, you’re not alone! We’re sharing benefits and tips for period sex that will hopefully help you take the leap for some potentially amazing experiences.

Top 5 Benefits of Period Sex

1) Sex Releases Endorphins

Orgasms cause the brain to release endorphins and chemicals like dopamine, which act as natural pain killers. These hormonal changes hit the pleasure sensors in your brain and trigger happy (and sometimes horny) feelings.

Having an orgasm also releases oxytocin, known as the “love hormone” and for reducing stress and lowering blood pressure. Who couldn’t use some of that any day of your menstrual cycle?

2) Relief From Period Cramps

Cramps are among the most common period symptoms people who menstruate experience. Sex releases endorphins that lessen pain, and having an orgasm can actually help relieve menstrual cramps.

The natural pain-killing hormones released can also help with pesky headaches and migraines that sometimes come with your period week.

3) Period Sex Could Mean Shorter Periods

When you have an orgasm, the uterus contracts more and can cause the lining of the uterus to shed faster. It’s also possible some period blood can be pushed out during an orgasm.

As your uterus contracts more and blood circulation is increased, menstrual blood can make its way out of the vagina faster, resulting in a shorter period week thanks to sex.

4) Extra Sexual Energy

During sexual arousal your body is hyper-stimulated and blood rushes to your vagina, increasing stimulation and circulation.

The changes in hormone levels in your body can also be a big boost to your libido during menstruation. Increased libido means more intense sensations. Sounds pretty sexy, right?

Some people actually experience higher sex drive during their period due to increased levels of estrogen in the body. If you find yourself extra horny during menstruation, this might be why (and you’re certainly not the only one).

5) Natural Lubrication

Using lubricant in the bedroom or wherever you’re getting intimate can add extra pleasure to sex and masturbation. One of the perks of sex during menstruation is the natural lubrication that period blood provides.

If you’re someone who enjoys the feeling of a little extra lube, you can leave the KY in the drawer this time of the month. Period sex may just be perfect for you!

3 Period Sex Tips:

1) Keeping Things Clean

Potential mess can be a downside of sex on your period, but there are ways to help prevent it and make cleanup easier, like using a towel or being careful about your positions.

Shower Sex is another great way to get intimate and avoid the mess altogether. It opens up the potential for oral sex on your period, letting any bodily fluids you don’t want to fuss with wash right down the drain.

2) Communicating With Your Partners

Like with any sexual experience, it’s important to communicate with your partner or partners (and anyone you engage with sexually) about things like consent, boundaries, and preferences.

If any partner is uncomfortable with period sex, keep the conversation open and honest. You can try choosing another way to enjoy intimacy together, like kissing or cuddling with a cheesy rom-com.

3) Protect Yourself and Your Partners

Most oral contraceptive plans have you stop taking your pill during your period week, so use birth control backup methods if sperm will be part of your experience.

As is true for any time during your cycle, using a condom for intercourse is the best way to protect yourself against pregnancy, HIV, and other STIs.

There’s no rule that says you shouldn’t be able to enjoy sex at any time during your menstrual cycle, including during menstruation. If you have the desire and feel comfortable, there are so many ways to enjoy period sex.

Period or no period, don’t miss out on the potential benefits of getting sexy with yourself or with a partner.

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