Lunette Cup
Cloth Pads for the Bleeder with a Sense of Humor

Upon entering the world of cloth pads, rather reluctantly at first I should add, I was pleasantly surprised to find it was an amazing and hilarious little community. For those who sew their own cloth pads (henceforth known as “Snatch Napkins” after I wanted a better name for them) it can be a delightful creative outlet. […]

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Princess Superstar Raps about Menstrual Cups

Princess Superstar, a rapper from NYC with a long career but without a househould name, has teamed up with the popular menstrual cup brand Lunette for a rap about periods. With lyrics like “When you’re done empty it, put it up again” and “Just stick it up there in your va-jay-jay, don’t gotta worry ’bout that […]

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Why My Menstrual Cup is My Bestie

Sometimes you just need to exclaim your love for the oft overlooked menstrual cup. We take it for granted but that’s when it’s being the best friend of all. Here are 5 reasons why… 1.  It keeps things moist.   Dryness is NOT a good thing.. though you might think so when it comes to […]

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