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I can't find my cervix

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsI can't find my cervix
Sarah asked 2 months ago

I recently purchased a Diva 2 cup.  I’m 37, have had 2 children, and a pretty heavy flow.  I have tried numerous different folds and insertions, but I cannot get the cup to not leak.  A few times I was pretty certain I felt the pop, but still there was leaking.  I decided to finally check to see where my cervix is.  I cannot find it.  I’m very tall (6′) and I have long fingers, but even inserting my middle finger all the way up, I could not find my cervix.  Am I missing it, or is it possible that it’s so high I can’t feel it?  I really want to love using a cup, but so far the Diva hasn’t worked for me at all.