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How do you know if you have a "strong pelvic floor?"

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsHow do you know if you have a "strong pelvic floor?"
Carol asked 2 months ago

I am 38, and shopping for a new cup. I am intrigued by the Lily cup and want to give it a try, but they don’t draw the line by age, only by childbirth and if you have a weaker pelvic floor. Should I go for the smaller one, when I have used the bigger ones since my first diva cup at 29, but I have had leaking problems after a few years of owning the cup. I think a firmer cup is better for me because they don’t always pop open. I also try and do kegels, so I figure it is…Exercised. Anyway, are the smaller ones better for stronger pelvic muscles? Thanks!