10 Pro-Tips for Menstrual Cup Users
November 5, 2014 By Kim Rosas

Most posts or videos about menstrual cups aim to answer questions like “what are the benefits of menstrual cups?” and “how often should I change it?” but who is brave enough to answer the “Will the menstrual cup slip down while I poop?” and “what if I can’t get it in, can I use lube?” […]

The average woman menstruates around over 2,500 or more days of her life!  This can create close to 11,000 tampons or disposable pads! That is an incredible amount of waste. Perhaps you’ve already switched to cloth diapers and now you’re thinking of your own well being and your contribution to the landfills. “Mama cloth” or […]

#Vagangelist Chat Alert!
November 2, 2014 By Amanda Hearn

We have a great chat coming up. Hosted by Amanda (The Eco-Friendly Family) & Kim (Dirty Diaper Laundry.) Check it out, RSVP and enter for a chance to win prizes during the chat. https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/ckvpgmmcakvped8gefonsne3gq0

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