MommyCon Menstrual Sessions- Meet Virginia II
September 14, 2015 By Kim Rosas

If you would have told me 6 years ago that I would be speaking to fairly large rooms of people (men and women I’ll have you know!) about cups that go inside your vagina I’m not sure how I would have reacted to that. Such a fun session with @kim_rosas Turning Red to Green and […]

Next time you need cloth pads for when you’re bleeding from “wherever” why not try your hand at making your own?  Our very own Amanda Hearn has created a simple, easy to follow pattern package that we have for download. I filmed the video of the first pad I’ve ever made and of course, the […]

Lena Cup Demonstration {Video}
August 14, 2015 By Kim Rosas

The new Lena Cup that released in July has gained a few fans from our PACII team.  We introduced readers to the cup a few weeks ago but now that we have had some time to use it it’s safe to say it’s “2 cups up!” We know so many of you are wondering how […]

We all know about tampons and pads and if you’re here, you’re probably aware of menstrual cups.  Did you know there are quite a few other “alternative” menstrual products in various materials and forms?  Some are worth a good laugh (the crocheted tampon comes to mind) while others could be something worth a shot for […]

What You Don’t Know About Your Period
August 11, 2015 By Amanda Hearn

It’s not often that we see cups represented in the ‘mainstream’ but it’s happening more and more. We love seeing a cup in this video, even if it is a small part. If you’re new here, be sure to check out this video on insertion and removal, along with our cup comparison chart to check […]

Princess Superstar, a rapper from NYC with a long career but without a househould name, has teamed up with the popular menstrual cup brand Lunette for a rap about periods. With lyrics like “When you’re done empty it, put it up again” and “Just stick it up there in your va-jay-jay, don’t gotta worry ’bout that […]

A Giveaway: Because #PutACupInIt
July 30, 2015 By Amanda Hearn

We love reusable menstrual products, and you love them too. Oh, you haven’t tried them yet? Well then, you should and this one is on us! This giveaway couldn’t be simpler. Use the form below to enter in as many ways as your bleeding heart desires. We’ll draw one winner and buy that lucky person […]

Why My Menstrual Cup is My Bestie
July 29, 2015 By Kim Rosas

Sometimes you just need to exclaim your love for the oft overlooked menstrual cup. We take it for granted but that’s when it’s being the best friend of all. Here are 5 reasons why… 1.  It keeps things moist.   Dryness is NOT a good thing.. though you might think so when it comes to […]

Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart
July 28, 2015 By Amanda Hearn

Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart Looking for our metric version? Click here. Brand Size Length Diameter Capacity Stem Sizing / Misc Features Diva Cup 1 2.25″ 1.69″ 30 ml .38″ Hollow Round <30 Diva Cup 2 2.25″ 1.81″ 30 ml .38″ Hollow Round >30 or After Childbirth EvaCup Small 1.97″ 1.65″ 25 ml .47″ Solid Round Before […]

The dilemma of where to place your cup for the moments you have to take care of other pressing matters between washing and reinsertion is a real one.  Some of us are simple- place it on a square of TP and that’s that.  There are other more permanent and attractive solutions out there if you […]