Merula Cup Review- Big Capacity, Short Cup

We’re back on the blog with a Merula Cup review- you’ve been asking our thoughts on this cup from Germany so we obliged!

Short and Stout

There is HUGE potential for this cup but also real potential problems, which is usually the case for a cup that addresses a specific need with its design. When you cater to one type of problem (heavy flow and low cervix) you end up far on one end which leaves out many on the other side. Does that make sense? I sure hope so.

Merula Cup Review

Since cups aren’t cheap (£23.50 plus £9.90 worldwide shipping) Kim was the only one who reviewed this one. She purchased two from a German retailer and had them shipped to a friend in Germany while she was on vaca- one for trying and one for photography so that we could get this bad boy up on our menstrual cup comparison chart. (it’s on the visual tool, measurements coming soon!) Sometimes we have to buy the cups to respond to the calls out there wanting us to review things when the companies aren’t up for sending them to us.

Merula Cup with Lunette Cup and Meluna Shorty
Merula Cup, Lunette Cup, and Meluna Shorty L

As much as we wish this was a winner it wasn’t for Kim’s vag but it could be your perfect cup! If you think it’s promising look at the Merula Community on Facebook. They’re a helpful bunch of Merula devotees who know the cup well and can offer advice. While it was a resource when trying to get the cup working there is only so much you can do. Be advised most of the posts are in German but Facebook’s translation tool is good enough to help you get the gist.

Tell us YOUR thoughts

Did this cup work for you? Was it your Golidlocks? Anyone else find it makes them have to pee? Please let us know your experience and advice in the comments.


  • I loved your review and especially how you emphasized different anatomy. I have a short cervix that’s tilted so any of bullet shaped cups literally stick out of my body. Having bulbous cups like this or the femmycycle are the only thing that work for me. Since my cervix is tilted, they end up pushing backwards and I can’t feel them at all, but the bullet ones are crazy uncomfortable (and too small a capacity if I get the short ones). They basically end up sideways in my body. I’m so thankful for different shapes and sizes of cups!!!

  • I’d like to know if anyone has had issues with the suctioning of the merula cup being too intense, as it’s been reported with the femmycycle. I’d like to invest in this cup, but am worried about that aspect. So far I’ve narrowed it down to either being from no airholes, or possibly just a problem from the femmycycle with their no spill design. If it’s from the no spill design, then the merula won’t have that problem. I also felt pain from the Lily cup, which also has no suction holes, but that could have been from the fact that it was just too long for me.

    • tj,

      If you break the suction prior to removal, that’s not an issue with the Femmycycle. However, I cannot speak on Merula.

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