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Annoying Things About Menstrual Cups We Can All Relate To

The other day we shared a quick thought on our Facebook page that turned into a fairly major discussion on the annoying little things that all menstrual cup users experience. Based on our own experiences and the experiences of our Facebook commenters we came up with a list. Enjoy!

The Strand

This was the annoyance that united us all based on the comments. You wiggle and jiggle but there is always the one strand of goo that won’t disconnect from cup. In order to take your cup to the sink the string either has to let go or you have to admit defeat and let it live inside and rinse it out.

The ‘POP’

How many times have you inserted your cup, left the bathroom, and then felt a pronounced internal “POP” that let you know that your cup was not in fact sealed but it sure as hell is now!

The Crowning

Your cup has started sliding down, slowly, and you are about to give birth to it if you don’t make it to the bathroom in time. It can happen and it isn’t fun! That’s why getting a good secure fit is very important!

The Flushing

So maybe this isn’t always and issue, but when your cup dump results in a deep red streak left in the toilet you are left with two options: risk it and let it sit or flush, flush away.

The TP Waste

Toilet paper just vanishes when you’re on your period. The extra wiping to clean the blood, the TP you use to wipe our your cup before going to the sink, and even those squares you use to sit the cup on can add up! Not to mention it’s scientifically proven you poop more on your period. Cup users save on tampons but we are scared to do the math on whether that is negated by extra rolls.

The Time Wasted

Despite these minor annoyances I’m willing to bet you are all wishing you started using a menstrual cup way before you made the switch. There’s just no better way to manage your period.

Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments if you have an annoying menstrual cup issue to share.






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