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How to Measure Your Cervix: A Very PACII How-To

How to Measure Your Cervix PACIIMeasuring your cervix is as glorious as it sounds. It’s the best. It’s fantastic. We promise.

Okay, we may be using alternative facts here, but it does play an important role in figuring out what menstrual cup might work the best for you. While it is just one piece of the puzzle (check out our popular quiz for the rest) it plays a major role in comfort. And comfort is one of the best parts of switching to a cup.

The basic idea is what is sometimes referred to as ‘the knuckle rule’. First knuckle: low cervix. Second knuckle: average. Third knuckle or can’t reach? high!

To better demonstrate, we decided to make a very PACII how-to. We hope you enjoy it and as always, if you have any questions, leave a comment here, on the video, in our Facebook group, or basically anywhere else you can track us down. We’ll do what we can to help!


One thought on “How to Measure Your Cervix: A Very PACII How-To

  • Chantal

    I am 31 and have had 4 babies. I have the Lena cup and have tried using it twice now. I have a terrible time with it slipping down. I have to adjust it almost every hour or so but it slips down and is uncomfortable. Can anyone help me? I love the idea of a cup and really want this to work. Thanks


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