Compare & Shop Menstrual Cups


Select up to four menstrual cups to compare side by side.

Use this tool to help you make your decision on which cup will fit and work best for you. You can also refer to our menstrual cup comparison chart to sort cups in order of various attributes such as length, diameter, and capacity. For convenience & simplicity cups are listed as Small Ⓢ MediumⓂ  & Large Ⓛ (Official brand sizing is in the comparison details.)

Satisfaction Guarantee ✅ means that the manufacturer offers one of the following- option to replace the cup with another size or model if it doesn’t work, a full refund, credit in full for the value of the cup to spend on another product they sell, or at least 50% refund or credit of the cup towards another product. See their website or contact brand for full details. Charity Component ✅ means that the brand supports a cause with the purchase of their product(s). See this post for more information. PACII Firmness Score refers to the scale we use to classify cups by firmness. See the firmness scale for reference. All cups are sold through a 3rd party (like Amazon or the Manufacturer) and if you make a purchase we might earn a small percentage.


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