Next time you need cloth pads for when you’re bleeding from “wherever” why not try your hand at making your own?  Our very own Amanda Hearn has created a simple, easy to follow pattern package that we have for download. I filmed the video of the first pad I’ve ever made and of course, the […]

Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart
July 28, 2015 By Amanda Hearn

Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart Looking for our metric version? Click here. Brand Size Length Diameter Capacity Stem Sizing / Misc Features Diva Cup 1 2.25″ 1.69″ 30 ml .38″ Hollow Round <30 Diva Cup 2 2.25″ 1.81″ 30 ml .38″ Hollow Round >30 or After Childbirth EvaCup Small 1.97″ 1.65″ 25 ml .47″ Solid Round Before […]

The dilemma of where to place your cup for the moments you have to take care of other pressing matters between washing and reinsertion is a real one.  Some of us are simple- place it on a square of TP and that’s that.  There are other more permanent and attractive solutions out there if you […]

On July 1 a new menstrual cup brand was announced, called Lena Cup.  This brand is made in California and has been registered with the FDA.  I was was sent a Size Small and Size Large to test and have compared it to other cups in order to help those of you who may be interested […]

When I was first considering a cup, I chose based on the only cup that I had heard of – The Diva Cup.  I was very pleased with my cup and it worked great for me.  I have since tried several other cups (including Lunette, MCUK, & Sckoon) and all but one cup worked perfectly […]

From Tampon to Menstrual Cup
April 7, 2015 By Vagician

Have you heard about menstrual cups before? I’m sure you’re intrigued since you’re reading this and wondering how they differ from tampons and sanitary pads. I promise, this is not a “hippie thing” and all women should at least consider making the switch from disposable tampons and pads to reusable menstrual cups. Click here to […]

Have you ever considered how eco-friendly (or not) your menstrual cycle is? If you are like me, I imagine you started using either tampons or disposable pads at a young age and haven’t given it much thought since.  Each month you rush to the store to restock and at the end of your cycle, all […]

Safe Menstrual Care Resource Guide
March 10, 2015 By Amanda Hearn

All you ever wanted to know about safe feminine care options. This page is a collection of great articles written by women who care about providing information on how to love our bodies without the toxins most commonly found on the store shelves. Have questions? Just ask! Click here to check out!