Peeing With A Menstrual Cup
May 12, 2016 By Kim Rosas

Even though we chuckle at the comments left on our YouTube videos that ask “how can I pee with a menstrual cup in?” there IS something about urination that should be discussed more often when discussing cups. First Things First: We have 3 holes. Yes, you heard it here. We have three output holes: the […]

Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart (Metric)
February 24, 2016 By Put A Cup In It

Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart (Metric) Looking for the original Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart (Imperial measurements)? Brand Size Length Diameter Capacity Stem Sizing / Misc Features Diva Cup 1 57 mm 43 mm 30 ml 10 mm Hollow Round <30 Diva Cup 2 57 mm 46 mm 30 ml 10 mm Hollow Round >30 or After […]

We all know about tampons and pads and if you’re here, you’re probably aware of menstrual cups.  Did you know there are quite a few other “alternative” menstrual products in various materials and forms?  Some are worth a good laugh (the crocheted tampon comes to mind) while others could be something worth a shot for […]

Tampon Waste
April 22, 2015 By Kim Rosas

Have you ever considered how much waste a cycle of tampon use creates? How about a whole year? These images might help to put it into perspective. #putacupinit