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We Did A Thing! Menstrual Advocacy Gear from Put A Cup In It

WE DID A THING! And it’s finally ready for you to see! We cannot tell you how many times we’ve wanted to spill the details of all we’ve been working on for the past 6+ months, but it’s finally time. As you may have already guessed from the title of this — we have a […]

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The Menstrual Cup Quiz v2.0 – Improvements & A New Outcome!

By far Put A Cup In It’s most popular resource is our Menstrual Cup Quiz. The original quiz was developed by our team based on our experiences with numerous cups and feedback from cup users we have talked with over the years. The purpose of our quiz is to simplify the process of choosing a menstrual cup […]

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Pick a Disney Character & We’ll Tell You Your Perfect Period Product

Ever wondered what menstrual management system is right for you, based on your favorite Disney character? Well, wonder no more! We have the answers. While this quiz is a bit of fun jab at other popular “princess quizzes”, we really do take a lot of what we do here quite seriously – even when it […]

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생리컵 골라주는 간단한 플래시 퀴즈

Many thanks to @Terrabozi for helping us by creating this translation! Click here for English or En espanol

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PACII Turns 2: Let’s Party Vtv Style!

When we realized our website would be turning 2 years old in April it was clear we had to celebrate this milestone in a big way. We’re so thankful to be able to do work that we love and that makes a difference. Your support is everything, so all week long you will find us […]

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A PACII Review: XO Flo Menstrual Cup

The newest menstrual cup to be released, of note, is the XO Flo. This cup was designed by the makers of GladRags after careful design, which is evident in the form, function, and overall design of the XO Flo. As we discuss in the video, GladRags was once the distributer of the Keeper Cup, a cup that […]

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