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Join us at Girl Tribe Pop-Up in NC!

Find us at Girl Tribe Pop-Up! You can find Kim and Amanda spreading the good word about menstrual cups at the Girl Tribe Pop-Up in Charlotte, NC this December 8-9. What better place to be than a holiday pop-up that looks like a perfectly curated Instagram feed was brought to life? That is what the […]

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Merula Cup Review- Big Capacity, Short Cup

We’re back on the blog with a Merula Cup review- you’ve been asking our thoughts on this cup from Germany so we obliged! Short and Stout There is HUGE potential for this cup but also real potential problems, which is usually the case for a cup that addresses a specific need with its design. When […]

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A Very PACII DivaCup Review

WHAT YEAR IS THIS? We know, we know, we are about a decade late on publishing our own review of The DivaCup. If you’ve heard of a menstrual cup chances are you are already familiar with the brand. Saying “DivaCup” is similar to saying “Kleenex” or “Band-Aid” since, due to popularity and easy access, the […]

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What IS A Menstrual Cup? We’re so glad you asked…

Even as menstrual cups skyrocket in popularity there are millions of people who have NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE! If you showed them a cup with no explanation they’d guess it was some sort of funnel, hat, or maybe a device to treat cellulite thanks to a recent viral video.  At PACII HQ we’ve been […]

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How To Find Your Perfect (Goldilocks) Menstrual Cup

With very few exceptions we can confidently say that there IS a menstrual cup that will work for everyone. That perfect fitting, perfect feeling, perfect sealing cup is referred to as “Goldilocks.” Not too firm, not too soft, not too long, not too short — this cup is practically tailor made for your vagina and […]

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回答以下九个问题就可以挑选最适合您的月亮杯!(Simplified Chinese)

English | En espanol | 简体中文 | 繁體中文 | 한국어 这个问卷是根据我们丰富的经验以及月亮杯比较图所设计的,回答一些关於您的身体,年龄,活动量等等的问题就可以选择最适合您的月亮杯。 不论您用不用月亮杯都可以填写我们的问卷! 填写问卷之间我们先声明: 我们不是医生但是对於月亮杯有多年的经验。虽然对於不同的体型和流量没有个人经验但是经常从别人的经验学习 关於流量,活动量等问题请用您个人的平均来回答,以便达到最准确的结果。 若有问题可以在我们的 Facebook 网页 PO 问题,很有用的喔! 如果利用问卷里的链接购物我们会收到小小的佣金。多谢!   Save Save Save

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